Crochet 3D Flower Squares Revisited


Do you remember the Crochet 3D Flower Blanket that I finished a couple of months ago?

I am still deeply in love with that sweet daisy goodness.



In the last few days I stole a minute here and a minute there and tried a little different color combo than the one I used for the 3D flower blanket before.

Since my soul totally speaks the color pink and all its shades, I really like the result. And this time, I think I will turn these flowery squares into a little cushion.



Which actually leads me to an idea that a tiny little cushion together with a blanket could make a really cute gift.

The only thing I need now is for the days to last about one hundred hours…


P.S.: You can find the pattern for the blanket HERE.


12 thoughts on “Crochet 3D Flower Squares Revisited

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    Teri Wold says:

    Just lovely !!!

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    mau says:

    Just beautiful !!!!!

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    Elizabet says:

    I like the idea to add a cushion to the blanket! And I like the pink version :))

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    anna says:

    do you have the pattern?

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    I absolutely love this blanket! I bought the pattern from your Etsy site. What yarn did you use for this blanket (the pink and purple one shown here). Can you tell me where I might be able to purchase it? I can’t find the yarn listed in the pattern anywhere.

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      Petra says:

      Hello Kimberli!

      I am very happy you like the pattern.

      For the brown-pink-blue version of the blanket, I used a yarn called ‘Madame
      Tricote – Dora’ from here (weight: 3.5 oz/270 yards – 100 grams/250 m).

      Pink color – 2 skeins
      Blue color – 2 skeins
      White color – 2 skeins
      Brown color – 5 skeins

      For the pink-lilac version, I used a yarn called ‘Nela’ from here; weight: 1.75 oz/135 yards – 50 grams/123 m).

      I only made a sample with this yarn, but I suppose the amount of yarn will be similar as in the brown version of the blanket.

      I hope I helped.



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    amei seus trabalho cada um mais lindo que outro

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    Shannon says:

    For this version which color did you use to assemble the blanket? The pink or the purple? Also which color would you recomend for the edging? The original called for brown and then the white.

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