Farfalle with Tomato and Cheese Sauce

Farfalle with Tomato and Cheese Sauce

Farfalle pasta is the best!

Don’t you think?

This kind of pasta has grown closest to my heart. For some reason it even tastes better than the other kinds.



This time I’ve decided to prepare these lovely little bow-ties with a very simple tomato sauce.

But there’s this thing I need to own up… I saw Feta cheese in the fridge and just couldn’t resist and had to add it to the sauce. The temptation was too strong. Stronger than me.

The result?

The cheese has given a unique tang to the sauce and it was all perfectly yummilicious!

Farfalle with Tomato and Cheese Sauce

These are the ingredients that you need if you want to make your own Tomato-Feta Farfalle.

Farfalle with Tomato and Cheese Sauce

1. First, peel and slice the garlic thinly.

Farfalle with Tomato and Cheese Sauce

2. Then pour the olive oil into a pan and heat it up.


3. When the oil begins to sizzle add the garlic.

Cook for about 1 minute stirring constantly.

Farfalle with Tomato and Cheese Sauce

4. Add the crushed tomatoes, salt and sugar and stir again.

Farfalle with Tomato and Cheese Sauce

5. Now cut your Feta cheese into little cubes (or just crumble it if you feel especially mischievous)…

Farfalle with Tomato and Cheese Sauce

6. …and add it to the sauce.



Farfalle with Tomato and Cheese Sauce

7. Stir it all and let cook over medium-low heat for about 20 minutes. Stir every two minutes or so.


I wonder, will I ever tire of this color?

I don’t think so.

The color of tomato sauce might actually be the reason why I fell in love with food photography.


Farfalle with Tomato and Cheese Sauce

8. In the meantime, grab the basil leaves, give them a rough chop…

Farfalle with Tomato and Cheese Sauce

9. …and add them to the sauce about 18 minutes into the cooking process so that the basil can cook with the sauce for about two minutes.
Farfalle with Tomato and Cheese Sauce

You’ll notice that the sauce has reduced in volume a little and has become more thick.

10. Cook the bow-ties according to the package instructions.

Farfalle with Tomato and Cheese Sauce

And serve.

You can even sprinkle a little Parmesan on top. That will transfer you to heaven instantly.

Enjoy, dear friends!

(This recipe makes 6 portions and will take you about 30 minutes to prepare.)

15 thoughts on “Farfalle with Tomato and Cheese Sauce

  1. 1
    Parsifal says:

    This is a really beautiful post with the pictures you took! It looks so professional 🙂

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    I’m salivating. I can practically taste your photos. This will be on next weeks menu. My husband doesn’t care for feta, however I’m going to try to sneak it past him;)

  3. 3
    chaoticallyme says:

    mmm…looks delicious! I look forward to trying your recipe for myself 🙂

    My 4 year old son always asks if we’re having “the bow one’s” (Farfalle) whenever I’m cooking up pasta, he’s a big fan of Farfalle pasta too!

  4. 4

    These photos are basically making me crave food right now 🙂

  5. 5
    Helene says:

    We had Farfalle pasta tonight. You are right they are the best.

  6. 6

    Loved your blog a lot and i’ve been subscribed to it now. Today, I added your blog to my blogroll as it is so much fun and I absolutely love the way you write 🙂

  7. 7
    Samantha Locsin says:

    That bow-tie pasta recipe was fantastic! Thanks so much. I made it for my husband and he really enjoyed it.

  8. 8
    cag says:

    what cheese could substitute the feta? would onions ad anything or detract?

  9. 9
    Jane Ko says:

    Gorgeous pictures! The tomato sauce really pops

  10. 10

    looks good! I’m kicking myself because I just found out how great feta cheese is with pasta! Had absolutely no idea what I was missing!

  11. 11
    Tasneem says:

    your really torturing me! i cant eat this amazing pasta cause im fasting!! Oh MAN!!! 🙁

  12. 12
    Aquilah says:

    Hi Petra! Would you recommend ricotta or cottage cheese as a replacement for feta? Or even cream cheese? I know it’s such a small amount, but I really don’t like feta LOL!

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