Chicken Steaks with Green Onion Potatoes

As you might have noticed, my greatest passion is to prepare simple and healthy dishes for this blog.

Okay, sometimes I just break loose and prepare a sweet little dessert.

Okay, okay …you mostly see me preparing desserts and you might have heard me saying about a million times how much I love baking and how I can’t live without it, but listen folks – I am attending a wedding this Saturday and really need to squeeze myself into that cute dress I haven’t even bought yet. That is the main reason why I’ve been treating myself to vegetable diets or lemon juice afternoons recently.

Yes, lately I’ve been determined to lose the weight of at least one well-fed elephant.

Or even more.

Because when I think, I think BIG.

So that is for the theory.

In practice, I’d like to note that chocolate has never tasted better than it does these days and I’ll also be posting about those wonderful, wonderful cream cheese crepes soon.

And you know what?

I think I’ll just blame the lack of my self-control on the full moon.

Yeah, that’s exactly what I’ll do.

Now, back to the Chicken Steaks with Green Onion Potatoes.

This dish is truly wonderful, light and the determined ones will definitely appreciate its low calorie count.

In the picture above I am showing the ingredients that I’ve used to prepare it.

1. First, grab the young, green onions.

Aren’t they just cute?

Place them on a cutting board and lop off their tops.

2. Slice the onions into little rounds.

Set aside a couple of the rounds for later.

Then play with the chopped onions – form various shapes and take pictures of it all …let this activity last for the next 30 minutes or so, then start feeling really hungry and continue the cooking process.

3. Heat up some oil in a medium pot and throw the onions in.

Fry them for a little while over medium heat.

4. Peel, wash and slice the potatoes.
5. Add the potatoes to the onions.
6. Add the salt.

7. Then add the other spices –  red sweet paprika powder, ground black pepper and the ground cumin.

Stir it all together.
8. Add a little water – about 1/2 cup (125 ml), cover and let cook.
9. Keep your eye on the potatoes while they are cooking – stir them every now and then (!) and when the water evaporates add some more (this thing likes to burn a little so make sure there’s always at least a little water in the pot).

The whole process – just until the potatoes were done – lasted (in my case) about 30 minutes.

10. In the meantime, wash the chicken breasts and slice them in half lengthwise.
11. Pound the breasts lightly so that they are of even thickness.

12. In a pan, heat up some vegetable oil.
13. Put the breasts in the pan and sprinkle them with your favorite grilling spice.
14. Fry over medium heat for about 5-7 minutes. Then turn the meat, sprinkle the other side with the grilling spice and  fry for another 5-7 minutes.

Now place your lovely, fragrant steak on a plate…

… and add the delicious, irresistible potatoes.


Sprinkle with the remaining onions that you’ve set aside.

And enjoy, dear friends.

It’s really good – even my man said so!

(This recipe makes 2 portions.)

Send Your Toys For a Vacation

travel agency for toys

Note: Although I’ve already posted this once I’ve decided to do so again since my newly established travel agency for toys needs some more marketing. Please, come and have a look at the gorgeous possibilities we offer for your teddies to enjoy…


My teddy has left for a holiday.

After all, he definitely deserved it – he’s been my sweetheart for such a long time.

You may be asking who he’s traveling with.

Well, it’s my new travel agency that I established recently.

I thought I should really let you know about it since you might be one of those people who would like to send their beloved toys somewhere for a wonderful trip and need that ‘someone‘ to arrange all the necessary details.

Please, feel free to enjoy the pictures from the places my teddy has visited…

First of all, it was Paris – shown in the picture above (he looks so incredibly happy there).

travel agency for toys

Then Egypt – what a wonderful place.

He was joyously excited over there.

The weather was wonderfully hot, there was a  lot of water around and even some camel riding was possible.

travel agency for toys

What a pleasure it is to spend time on a beach.

Maybe your teddy will meet his/her long lost relative there.

travel agency for toys

Is your teddy into adrenaline?

Then why not try white-water rafting?

It’s so stress-relieving.

travel agency for toys

Oh, and this is something for those who are keen on flying.

What a bliss.

travel agency for toys

Your teddy also deserves some scrumptious yet healthy food.


All-in-all, your precious sweetie will be taken care of with the uttermost attention.

Now I’m sure all of your toy friends definitely want to go too.

For more information (or if you have any suggestions), please, contact me in the comment section.

Meanwhile, I am going to put a bit more thinking into the whole project…

Café Frappé …And a Giveaway!

cafe frappe recipe

Because one of the best things I’ve found in this world is giving presents to the people I love I’ve prepared a cute little something for you.

You definitely deserve it!

It is a Chess Set …but this one is played in a rather funky way – on a glass board with cute shot glasses filled with your drink of choice.

I see so many advantages of this kind of set over the usual one – first, it definitely lets you have a lot of fun. If you go ‘soft drink’, it keeps you hydrated. If you’re an adventure seeker, just fill the glasses with alcohol and set out the rules so that the player who takes most pieces drinks most grog. I think even a pro playing against a beginner can have a pretty enjoyable match – any kind of ability gap will be swiftly bridged. Think red wine versus white wine, for example. Or silver tequila against gold tequila… gee, I got carried away.

So yes, one of you can win this game.

Contest Closed. Thank you!

To enter this contest, just answer the following question in the ‘Comments section’ of this post:

What kind of beverage would you choose to play this game with?


  • One entry per person, please.

Extra entries:

  • Twitter (follow ZoomYummy; leave a separate note about it in the comment section of this post),
  • Facebook (become a fan of ZoomYummy; leave a separate note about it in the comment section of this post).

(So together you can have three entries.)

Winner will be selected at random and announced on Thursday (August 26).

Good luck, everybody!
Contest Closed. Thank you!

cafe frappe recipe

And now I’d like to show you a little magic trick.

Café Frappé – it’s truly magical.


I’ll show you…

cafe frappe recipe

Café Frappé is a beloved drink of the Greeks.

All you need to prepare it is some instant coffee, sugar, water, milk and a few ice cubes.

It’s as simple as can be.

You also need to steal a frappé shaker from your Mom. If your Mom dares not to own a frappé shaker or if you are a decent person and don’t steal, then just use a glass with a lid.


cafe frappe recipe

1. In the shaker/container/glass mix 2 teaspoons of instant coffee…

cafe frappe recipe

2. …with 2 teaspoons of sugar.

cafe frappe recipe

3. Add 4 tablespoons of water…

cafe frappe recipe

4. …close it and…


cafe frappe recipe

Shake it just until you get from this…

cafe frappe recipe

… to this frothy heaven.

Did you know that your instant coffee has this kind of ability?

It can transform into this thick and foamy wonder in no time.

I just love it!

cafe frappe recipe

5. Then fill a glass half way with ice cubes.

If you are a maniac like me, you can try to make these flavored ice cubes sometimes.

cafe frappe recipe

6. Pour the foam into the glass.

cafe frappe recipe

7. And add as much milk as you like.

cafe frappe recipe


cafe frappe recipe

I’ve learned that the Greeks like to drink this foam-covered iced coffee with a straw.

Also, they like to stir the coffee and enjoy the relaxing sound of the ice cubes hitting with each other and with the glass.


cafe frappe recipe

Just give it a try – it’s simple and delicious!

Oh, and don’t forget about the giveaway…



Baked Potato Tortilla

baked potato tortilla recipe with step-by-step images

I really love how this blogging mania of mine makes me learn things.

Before, I barely knew what an omelette was.

Well …not really …but almost.

Now, as I do basically nothing else but cook and read about food, I really love the stuff I discover about various foods and cuisines.

It’s totally addictive.

Take ‘tortilla’, for instance …in some parts of the world (like Mexico, for example) the word ‘tortilla’ refers to a flatbread made from corn or wheat whereas in other parts of the world (like Spain, South America or Cuba) ‘tortilla’ refers to an omelette, with variations that include vegetables such as onions and potatoes.

Who knew that?

Well, millions of people, Petra!

Okay, okay …but I didn’t …and now I do …which makes me really happy.

The place I decided to visit this time – at least gastronomically – is Spain. It seems that they really cherish and nurture their love for potato tortillas. Though I’ve learned that they like to prepare it by the process of very slow cooking in a frying pan I decided to bake it.

Call me a rebel if you wish to…

And you know what?

It turned out yummy!

Just perfectly flavorful, satisfying yet not too rich – just what a person craves these summer days.

Come, have a look at what it looked like in my kitchen while making this delish dish…

(‘Delish dish’ …hmm, is a person allowed to say anything like that?)

baked potato tortilla recipe with step-by-step images

These are the ingredients that I’ve used.

Yes, it includes cheese.

I love cheese.

I mean I L-O-V-E cheese!

Cheese makes me go on… (and eggnog, too …and wine …and chocolate …and pumpkin seeds and …sorry).

baked potato tortilla recipe with step-by-step images

1. If you’d like to make your own yummy baked potato tortilla then begin by peeling and slicing 5 medium potatoes.

baked potato tortilla recipe with step-by-step images

2. Then brush a round baking dish with some vegetable oil fairly liberally.

(I am using an 8 x 1 1/2 inches – 20 x 4 cm round baking dish here.)

baked potato tortilla recipe with step-by-step images

3. Place the potato slices into the baking dish.
4. Sprinkle the potatoes with 1 teaspoon of salt.

baked potato tortilla recipe with step-by-step images

5. In a separate bowl, whisk the eggs with 1/2 teaspoon of salt and 1/4 teaspoon of ground black pepper.

baked potato tortilla recipe with step-by-step images

6. Add the sour cream…

baked potato tortilla recipe with step-by-step images

7. …and whisk just until well combined.

baked potato tortilla recipe with step-by-step images

8. Then let some cutting/slicing begin.

Slice about 1/2 of the leek into thin rounds.

If you don’t have a leek on hand right now, fell free to replace it with one half of a medium onion – slice it thinly and it will work just fine.

baked potato tortilla recipe with step-by-step images

This leek is a very cute thing… don’t you think?

Just cute.

baked potato tortilla recipe with step-by-step images

9. Then cut the Feta cheese into cubes, grate the Edam cheese and throw it all, along with the leeks, into the bowl with the whisked eggs.
10. Mix to combine.

baked potato tortilla recipe with step-by-step images

11. Pour the heavenly cheesy mixture over the potatoes.

baked potato tortilla recipe with step-by-step images

12. Slice the tomatoes into thin rounds. Then cut each round in half to get these cute thin wedges.
13. Arrange the tomato wedges over the top in an artistic way – please, let yourself be led by your inner feelings here …you can create any kind of art on top, depending on your mood. I was in a rather tidy mood this time, but you can go wild and messy, or abstract or even nihilist – with no tomatoes at all.

Or just don’t listen to me at all since this moving-to-a-new-flat-and-a-new-town that I am going through these days has left some marks in my brain obviously.

baked potato tortilla recipe with step-by-step images

14. Bake this yummy thing at 347 F (175 C) for about 40 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center of the dish comes out clean.

baked potato tortilla recipe with step-by-step images

If you are into cheese, potatoes and some fun then you’ll definitely LOVE this dish.

And let’s be frank here – who isn’t into cheese, potatoes and some fun?


I am afraid that your fate has been sealed…

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