How to Crochet an Easter Egg

crochet Easter egg free pattern by

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This blogging thing might be the best thing ever invented.


Maybe right after sweets.

OK… sweets and comedies.

OK… sweets, comedies and … let me stop myself right here and leave…

NOT (you’re gonna have to remove me ’cause I ain’t going nowhere).

Anyways, it’s gorgeous because blogging keeps me thinking about new projects and makes me go on.

I just LOVE IT…

crochet Easter egg free pattern by

With Easter being just around the corner, I think it is a very good idea to get ready and stuff your home with as many Easter eggs as possible.

And why not have some of them crocheted?

This is my way of creating them.

You can find a pattern below… until then, enjoy the step-by-step pictures.

This is an almost finished egg waiting to be stuffed.

crochet Easter egg free pattern by

You can stuff your crocheted egg with scrape yarn, cotton stuffing, fiberfill or polyfill.

These can be found in your supermarket or in a craft store.

crochet Easter egg free pattern by

I marked the ends of the rounds with this pin to know where they started and where they finished.

crochet Easter egg free pattern by

crochet Easter egg free pattern by

crochet Easter egg free pattern by

crochet Easter egg free pattern by

I really like the shape of this egg (and really don’t like the dryness of my hands).

crochet Easter egg free pattern by

It’s so cute.

With every new little spring decoration I manage to get, I become more and more relieved.

Because I like to welcome this greatest season of all in a really big style.

With lots of love,

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Bulldog Buddy

Please meet my dear bulldog buddy.

His name is… hmmm… Bulldog (oh, I know, I’m really creative).

He is a bit camera shy.

Let’s forgive him that.

I like to pull his face…

… in many different directions.

And you know what?

He is not just a usual bulldog buddy.

There’s something more to him.

He is usually full of some colorful gorgeous stuff like this.

Now you can see why I love my bulldog buddy so much – he is just so helpful.

I’m sorry buddy – today we’re going to remove your guts.

These have already served us well.

There’s a new project ahead of us.

Here we go…

Black and white – does it evoke anything in your mind?

What about a panda?

Well, we’ll see soon…

… and my good old precious hook.

Actually, that might be even older than me.

It is a precious gift from my Mom.

She bought it quite a while ago and used it to make many beautiful things.

OK… I’ll give you some rest now.

But not for too long buddy, not for too long.

How to Crochet a Lovely Flower

crochet flower free pattern

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I love working with yarn.

I love knitting, I love crocheting… I just love everything that has something to do with yarn.

It seems to have some magic power over me.

crochet flower free pattern

The colors, the needles, the stitches – they transport me into a quiet, peaceful and happy universe.

And I am really lucky to be surrounded by people who like to use the things I make for them (except for my boyfriend – I just can’t make him like and wear slippers like these … and I can’t figure out why).

I made these for my Mom…

crochet flower free pattern

Flowers – they make me so happy.

I love to be surrounded by flowers – real or made of yarn – any kind of a flower makes my heart sing.

crochet flower free pattern

If you speak the crochet language and would like to create a flower like this, then I have a little surprise for you.


And it’s really easy.

crochet flower free pattern

As you can see the flower consists of two layers.

They are both made separately – first, the top flower with the yellow center and red edges and then the bottom red flower.

These two flowers are simply sewn together afterward.

crochet flower free pattern

Abbreviations:  Ch – chain, Sl st – slip stitch, Sc – single crochet, Hdc – half-double crochet, Dc – double crochet

crochet flower free pattern

The crochet language – so impressive!

Enjoy dear friends!

(Update: To see more of my patterns, please visit my ONLINE SHOP!)

Gray Mittens


The thing is… – I would like to show you this.


Then there’s this I would like you to focus your attention upon.

And – last but not least – there’s this.

Oh… I am sorry… there’s nothing to see in the direction my finger is pointing towards.

What I’m really ‘humbly’ trying to show you are my newly finished mittens.

What am I like?

In fact, I love this pattern.

I love it so much I will probably post a tutorial on it soon…

Oh, have you ever seen a crazier person than me?

Oh my!

Seriously, what is that…?