How to Make Simple Crochet Slippers

how to make simple crochet slippers free pattern free tutorial free picture tutorial free picture pattern

IMPORTANT NOTE: This pattern uses US crochet terminology. You can find the SLIPPER SIZE, YARN and HOOK specifications at the end of this article !!!

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I am an addict.

An addict for crochet slippers.


It all began when I saw slippers similar to these somewhere on the internet.

I loved them so much I couldn’t get their tempting image out of my head.

All I needed was a pattern.

But because I am terribly, terribly impatient, I found creating my own pattern quicker than looking for an official one on the web.

And since I’m no crochet guru, the pattern turned out to be really simple.

Actually, these slippers might be the simplest slippers in the universe.

Or not.

But they might.


This is what I did…

simple crochet slippers free pattern free tutorial free picture tutorial free picture pattern

Round 1: 5 ch (chain stitch);  join into ring with sl st (slip stitch)


Round 2: 3 ch;  7 dc (double crochet stitch) into the center of the ring;  join with sl st


simple crochet slippers free pattern free tutorial free picture tutorial free picture pattern

Round 3: 3 ch;  1 dc into first stitch;  2 dc into each next stitch; join with sl st


simple crochet slippers free pattern free tutorial free picture tutorial free picture pattern

Round 4: 3 ch;  1 dc into first stitch;  2 dc into each next stitch


simple crochet slippers free pattern free tutorial free picture tutorial free picture pattern

Round 5 – 13: (continue crocheting in spiral);  1 dc into each dc


simple crochet slippers free pattern free tutorial free picture tutorial free picture pattern

Row 14: turn (!);  3 ch;  1 dc into second stitch from hook;  make 20 dc (1 dc into each next dc)


simple crochet slippers free pattern free tutorial free picture tutorial free picture pattern

Row 15 – 21: turn;  3 ch;  1 dc into second stitch from hook;  continue 20 dc (1 dc into each next dc)


simple crochet slippers free pattern free tutorial free picture tutorial free picture pattern

Row 22: turn;  3 ch;  1 dc into first stitch from hook;  continue 21 dc (1 dc into each next dc);  another 1 dc into last stitch


simple crochet slippers free pattern free tutorial free picture tutorial free picture pattern

Row 23 – 25: turn;  3 ch;  1 dc into second stitch from hook;  continue 22 dc (1 dc into each next dc)


Row 26: turn;  3 ch;  1 dc into first stitch from hook;  continue 23 dc (1 dc into each next dc); another 1 dc into last stitch


Row 27 – 28: turn;  3 ch;  1 dc into second stitch from hook;  continue 24 dc (1 dc into each next dc)


simple crochet slippers free pattern free tutorial free picture tutorial free picture pattern

Finish off and weave in the ends.


simple crochet slippers free pattern free tutorial free picture tutorial free picture pattern

Fold the end in half and sew it together.

Make sure it’s turned like shown in the picture  – with the seam finally facing inward.




Now for the edging:

simple crochet slippers free pattern free tutorial free picture tutorial free picture pattern

Tie a yarn of the same or different color to the edge of the slipper.


simple crochet slippers free pattern free tutorial free picture tutorial free picture pattern

That will make our first ‘stitch’.


simple crochet slippers free pattern free tutorial free picture tutorial free picture pattern

Make 2 chain stitches.

Then make 1 single crochet into the next bigger (as I call it) ‘hole’.

Then make 1 chain stitch.


simple crochet slippers free pattern free tutorial free picture tutorial free picture pattern

Continue this pattern (1 single crochet stitch; 1 chain stitch) along the edge of your slipper.

Finally, make 1 slip stitch to join with the first stitch.

Finish off end weave in the ends.


And this is it.


You can adorn these slippers with colorful buttons, flowers or even crochet swirls.

I really hope you’ll find as much passion in making them as I have.
And for your inspiration, here are a few more crochet slippers that I’ve made:


simple crochet slippers free pattern free tutorial free picture tutorial free picture pattern



simple crochet slippers free pattern free tutorial free picture tutorial free picture pattern



simple crochet slippers free pattern free tutorial free picture tutorial free picture pattern

Enjoy, dear friends.





(Oh, one important thing! These slippers were made to fit my feet, which are size 40 – Europe / 6.5 – UK / 9 – US. To adjust the size of these slippers to your feet you may need to change the number of rounds between the round 5 and 13 and the number or rows between the row 15 – 21 of this post. AND… I used worsted weight yarn and G – 4 mm hook to make the slippers.)

(To see more of my patterns, please visit my ONLINE SHOP!)


552 thoughts on “How to Make Simple Crochet Slippers

  1. I love these!! My grandmother used to make knitted slippers, but I haven’t had anything like that since she passed away 20 years ago. I have never made anything but a scarf with crochet, but I think I could to this… You have inspired me!

  2. Petra, real cute. Need to know though if you use anti-slip dots or some sort of anti-slip protection on the bottom. Knitted or crochet slippers, cute as they are, can be dangerous on wood or linoleum floors for older folks like me. If you use them, can you tell us what kind you use and where you get them.

    Thanks a bunch

  3. What a great slipper pattern! I’ve rediscovered the love of crocheting, but standard patterns still read like ancient Greek to me! Your photos are SO incredibly helpful, Petra — thanks so much!!!

    I’ll definitely be be making these!

  4. Oh wow – I think I might become an addict, too! Just thought about using Paper Twine for crocheting (… well, of course I did) or perhaps Paper Twines for the top and Cotton Yarn for the bottom. I think I need to get crocheting right away (luckily it’s Saturday today!).
    Thanks for sharing this tutorial

  5. soooo cute! I have to HAVE them!
    ok I’m off to dig into my yarn stash, I think I’ll swatch with a size G hook, it seems appropriate 🙂

    thanks for sharing the pattern and please let us know if you try to make the adorable tiny bears!
    I have to have one of them too!

    I LOVE your site. I can’t wait to try some of your recipes.

  6. Oh wow! I’ve been looking for a pattern like this as welllll!!!!! Have you thought about making them bigger and doing a felt version? That is what I’m going to try to do!

  7. I love these! I’m a 7 1/2 and these are the changes I made to this great design to fit my foot.
    Round 2 – I did 6 dc instead of 7
    Round 5-13 I only did 7 rows so Round 5-11 instead and then went to the step for round 14
    Round 15-21 I only did 5 rows so Round 15-19 instead and then went to the step for round 22
    and I stopped at round 24 and then it was time to sew it together!
    I hope those changes made sense the way I wrote them, great project!

  8. I just finished my slippers this morning! They are so cute and comfy 🙂
    Are we allowed to post pics of our finished slippers here?

  9. I need help with the first two steps! Ugh! I don’t understand how to crochet in a circle. I’ve looked up so many videos, but I just can’t get it right 🙁

  10. Hi Mary Grace, for help to learn to crochet in a circle go to and search for granny square crochet. I think this would be the best way to see how it’s done. I could explain it to you but it still wouldn’t make as much sense as watching someone actually make one.
    I hope this helps! 🙂


  11. ThaNk you for posting this! I still consider myself an advanced beginner so some things don’t come to me quickly. What do you mean by “bulky yarn”?

  12. Hi Petra,
    Thanks for sharing the pattern. This is real simple! I’m no crochet guru either. I am beginning to do a pair for my daughter. If fact, she has found one on web which is so complicated that I gave up after row 3. :-p

  13. I wear a size 6 shoe. How in the world? Can I make the changes to fit my feet? By the way? What size crochet needle? Do I use?

    • Hi Prissy!

      I guess that is not much of a problem, just try reducing the number of rows between rows 15 – 21. Try reduce it by 3 or 4 rows. You need to experiment here and keep adjusting.

      I used a G hook here.

      Happy crocheting to you. I know your slippers will look lovely.

      Petra 🙂

  14. Petra, you may not be a crochet guru (neither am I), but I easily understood your pattern. Yours was the first pattern I’ve done and I had little complications (and those I did were my fault, lol). I’m an extreme beginner when it comes to crochet, but your pattern helped me advance just a little. Thanks and God bless 🙂

  15. Um…I love these so much, but I am not good at knitting/crocheting…what I really wanna know is (gulp) will you get an Etsy shop and sell these anytime soon? Like, in time for winter? I’m just saying, I’d probably get at least 5-8 pairs… : )

    • Hi Chinyaray! I am really glad you like them. I love making these slippers, and I already have an Etsy shop – you can find the link in the right sidebar. Quite a few people have already asked me about selling these, so I might even do that one day. I am still thinking about how I would make them fit people’s particular feet in a perfect way, though. That makes me a little hesitant. Hm. Petra

  16. Found your Etsy shop (love it) and although I am tempted to send you a plaster of Paris mold of mine and my daughter’s feet for matching slippers (kidding..sort of)…I will just wait patiently. Thank you! : )

  17. Hi! I am enjoying the pattern trying to make a pair for my mother’s upcoming 92nd birthday. Starting with R14, when you say “make 20dc”, is that 20 across the row, the total stitch count? or 20 more stitches after the turning chain and first dc…..and follow rows in this manner. Thanks!

  18. thank you for this pattern, so simple but the finsihed product is absolutely fab!

    I have to admit I read through it once and then just winged it measuring against my daughters foot as I went along, and she loves them.

  19. i am v. much glad and v.happy to learn from u i always wanted to learn this thanks it is so nice ,thank u would like to have some more from u.with warm wishes bye

  20. Hi! I love this “pattern”! I’ve looked through several lately to work on for Christmas gifts and this one is by far the winner 🙂 I saw that someone asked about the no-slip dots to adhere to the bottom of the slippers. You can use puff paint on the bottom of them and it works great. Just a few dots or a simple pattern and that should do you. Thanks again! Better get back to mine!

  21. Hey, i love the pattern but my looks like the picture until you put it on your foot… no cylinder shape what so ever.. am i doing something wrong? I’ve started over like 2 times 🙁 any suggestion fro this beginner )
    Thanks again

  22. Do you join at the end of row 4? You didn’t write that, so I didn’t know if it was implied, or if you skip the joining step, and jump over the chain stitches to start the dc in each dc for row 5.

    • Hi Ashley! No, you don’t join at the end of row 4. You continue working in the round – which means you crochet in first stitch of following round. That way you have no seam in the end. I hope I helped. 🙂 Petra

  23. I’m stuck at row 3. 🙁 At the end of row 2, do you just take the first stitch and do a slip stitch..? I read through the comments but doesn’t seem like anyone is as new as me. At the end of row 2 after you do the double crochets into the center, I do the 3 chains then move to the next “V” do a double crochet then move to the next “V” and do 2 double crochets, and I do that until I have to connect a slip stitch. But then I see this BIG HOLE from where I did the 3 chains…why? I usually look watch videos on youtube but I really like this one so I’m giving it a try…but I’m so frustrated now.

  24. Hi, could you please include the total number of stitches for each row? I finished row 13 and as I got near the end of row 14, I realized I only have 19 dcs in total and therefore could not create the dip in the front of the slipper. I’ve tried it twice and can’t get past the same row 🙂

  25. Just a suggestion, but you could use puff paint on the bottom to make them slip resistant.

    I Love the slippers hope to start a pair next week!

  26. thanks so mush i didnt think of this i made mine way more compicated (it looks more like a lofer XD ) thanks so mush for this amazing toutorial you helped me become a better crocheter! 🙂

  27. I was looking online for a quick and easy pattern for slippers that were actually cute and I ran across your website. I am so excited to make these slippers!! I think I will make the crochet swirls as well to go with them. Thank you so much for the patterns! You are awesome 🙂 My sister will love these slippers this winter!

  28. Really will try these – especially with that gorgeous swirl! Thanks so much for sharing your pattern. I’ve lots of old craft magazines from the 40s and 50s with similar slippers but haven’t got round to experimenting with them yet – but yours are just the job!

  29. I love these slippers and I am really pumped to make them! However, crocheting language is new to me and I got stuck at Rd 2 :(. Could you explain it to me in more detail pretty please?

    • Hi Michelle!

      Ch – chain stitch, Sl st – slip stitch, sc – single crochet stitch, dc – double crochet stitch, hdc – half double crochet stitch.

      If you need to learn how any of these stitches is made, just go to and type the name of the stitch. The videos there are really great.



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  31. Thank-you so much i can knit and crochet ,but knitting takes to long I was looking for some thing speedy and your,s are . thanks again love it !!!!

  32. I’m making these right now…(so excited) BUT 🙁 I am stuck moving from round 4 to 5 to start crocheting in spiral? Do I end rnd.4 with sl. st.? and rnd 5 do i ch 3 then dc in each dc. I unsure how to end and start each round/row.
    I’m stuck …please help 🙁
    Thank you

    • Hi Katherine!

      You do not end round 4 with slip stitch, you continue into round 5 immediately (without even making 3 ch). It might sound strange, but it works. If you have any other problem, please ask. 🙂 Petra

  33. pleeease don’t hassle her with so many questions or she won’t publish any other work!!!!! jajaj great slippers, i’ll see if i can deal with them! thnks!

  34. Thank you for the pattern!!! I am a new crocheter ( is that even a word???), but i am now sporting a gorgeous slipper on my foot!! I knocked it out in just a couple of hours, would have been less but had a sick baby on my lap. Thanks for the tutorial, would love to see more!

  35. I am on round 14. It says to turn, chain 3, double crochet in the 2nd chain from hook, is this right? If so, it will mae a dbl crochet into the middle of the chain 3, it doesn’t seem right to me… thanks

  36. Love the pattern! I used a size H hook so I had to decrease the number of rows with 20 dc’s, and used less increase rows to get to the heel… it’s really easy to adjust though. Also I omitted the ch 1’s between the sc’s on the border to help hold it together a bit more snugly on the foot. Love it, and I used your swirly instructions to add some decoration! Thanks for sharing. It’s making the rounds on Pinterest now, that’s how I found it.

  37. I made one slipper following the directions and using the G hook and Sugar & Cream cotton yarn. The slipper came out much to long for my son’s foot, and he wears a size 13 shoe. The width of the slipper was fine. Do you know what I did wrong?

  38. How do I download the pattern for these slippers. I’m always ‘paddling’ about in bare feet, but even indoors my feet sometimes get cold. These would be ideal. It’s ages since I’ve done any crocheting but I’m sire I haven’t forgotten how!

  39. Holy Heck!! this is precisely what I was looking for! What would be the quick f ix to make the “mouth” of the slipper smaller or wider depending on ancle size? You rock!! Luv them!

  40. Thank you for posting this pattern. I have been looking for a simple one and thus far, I have been unsuccessful. I apreciate your efforts in making the craft simpler. It help a lot not to get confuse while reading instructions while otherwise were meant to be clear. Please keep them coming.

  41. This looks so simple, thank you! Just one question. If I wanted to make this for a larger or smaller foot, how would I go about doing so, just play with the pattern and tweak it until I find what works? I really do NOT need another project on my “To Do” list, but this one is so sweet and simple, I think I will have to try it. Especially those cute spirals! Thank you! 🙂

  42. hi I’m Putri from Indonesia. I just wanna say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for making this pattern. its so easy and there are some picture that can help me too. THANK YOU 😀

  43. I just whipped up a pair of these awesome slippers (slightly modified) using some chunky wool yarn. Love them! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  44. it is so nice to learn crocheting online i know how to crochet and learn by myself iwas inspired by the lovely pair of slipper and planned to make some.

  45. Wow, how generous of you to share this! I am going to make these for both of my adult daughters and adjust them for my grandchildren, this is a wonderful pattern, simple and you illustrated it so clearly. Thank you!

  46. Hi! I was able to start this, but came across a problem. I saw that after row 4 I do not sl st and just keep going, but this makes the slipper way too big around. How do I make this part smaller? Thank you so much.

  47. I am a real beginner and was wondering what size hook, yarn weight, and how much you used? My grandmother used to make these for us every year at Christmas and I want to continue that tradition for my kids… This is perfect, Thanks!

  48. hii.petra. i l0ve to to make slippers .its vr easy.i made one for my granny..i want to know which size hook.and i m from no aluminium k.hooks available. so i want it.please tell me where i get that multi hooks.???/th

  49. hello petra..i m doing and sell crochet work all type of,bags.if u interested in my collection so i send u photoes.i have a shop here.i m from india.and i m interested to sell out of u want to see my collection???thanxx

  50. So, I love how simple these seem to be, but I have to ask…what size needle did you use? I am attempting to make them, and I think I am following the directions but it doesn’t look anything like the picture. I am guessing you used a smaller needle. and also, what kind of yarn did you use?

  51. hi petra…. please learn me spider design. i want to learn spider pattern. it is on afghan work. but i want to learn with u.

  52. Hi! I am just wondering on the Rnd 5-13 how you know when your on 13? Or how you know your done? Just count the spirals?? I’m struggling 🙂 Loving the pattern though!


        • I made these for some last minute christmas gifts –
          you use a size G or 4mm hook.
          The 2dc into each of the next stitch is 2 double crochets in each of the next stitiches because you are increasing. I am pretty new at crocheting and my slippers turned out great. It’s a great pattern, wonderful of her to share with us.

  53. Thank you, thank you, thank you! These really are the easiest slippers in the world to make. Your pattern really saved my hide! I wanted to make a cute pair of slippers as an early Christmas gift, but following a different pattern they didn’t even turn out slipper shaped! I only had about 8 hours until I met with my friend, so this pattern was a life-saver, not to mention super cute!

  54. I am always trying to find something to keep my feet warm and these look like just the right thing. Can’t wait to get started.

    • Hi, I found a website for a company called Herrschners that is located in Canada. They have a liquid and a template so that you can add your own rubber non-stick designs on the bottom of socks. I’m sure they would work for slippers as well. Their address is and they do ship out of country. Hope this helps.

  55. Your slippers rock! Easiest pattern I ever saw. The pictures speak a thousand words. They make the instructions easy to understand.
    I love those slippers☺.

  56. this is great. thank you so much. Do you have any more patterns like this? The pictures are great. They make it even easyer. Thank you si much.

  57. I love the pattern and am looking forward to making come the first of the year! I would like to make a suggestion on the finishing in the red color. Instead of crocheting from right to left, how about doing the reverse crochet? I haven’t done it yet but I think that’s how I am going to finish mine off.

  58. These are the cutest slippers I’ve seen yet! What makes them even more terrific is that you can probably make them in no time. Thank you so much for posting! You are ingenious!

  59. Love the pattern! So easy and super cute. I added some puffy fabric paint to the bottom of mine to make them non-skid and they are PERFECT! Thanks for the pattern 🙂

  60. Thank you for this! I can’t wait to make these – we have a no shoe rule in our house, which is troublesome when we have visitors, but maybe if I made some of these it would be easier.

  61. on round 4 it said “3 ch; 1 dc into first stitch; 2 dc into each next stitch”….do i have to make 3 ch before doing the 2 dc into each next stich

  62. Sooo mine didnt come out like yours but whatevs. so you do 3 ch. then 1 dc in that one then you do 2 dc in all the other stiches???

  63. In row 5-13 it doesnt mention the 3 ch at beginning of each row. Do i skip that part and just continue around w the dc? Thank you!

  64. Thanks for the pattern, I made one for a friend as a bday/xmas present 🙂 I changed the sole a bit because it was too pointy and added a hand cut and sewn faux-leather dahlia flower on the right slipper 😉

  65. Hi
    i love this pattern! it truly is the easiest slipper pattern to make. my only problem is that they are too loose around the top edge. can you give me some tips on how to tighten them please?
    thanks kerry

    • Hi Kerry! Glad you like them. Try to make the border of only sc stitches instead of doing sc plus chain stitch border. that might help. Petra 🙂

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  67. I love how easy this pattern is. I am a complete beginner at crochet and even I was able to make a cute pair of slippers! Thanks for posting this with pictures. It made all the difference

  68. I am a size 6.5 foot (US) and I’ve tried about 4 different versions of these slippers, but I can’t seem to find a way to make the slipper narrow enough. As you said, I skipped some rows in 5-13 and 15-21 but the only thing this does is make the slipper shorter. Do you have any suggestions?


  69. Hey I´m from Denmark and i think your slipper are very fine. Have you made som for kids? mine are 6 and 7 years old and i would like to make som for them…Heidi

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  71. at the end of Decemeber, i taught myself the basics of crochet, and found your slipper pattern. then just this past saturday (two days ago) a friend taught me the double crochet stitch, and i’ve made a pair of these for my younger daughter and me… and this coming weekend, i’ll be making a pair for my older daughter! this is a very easy pattern for a beginner. thanks for posting it! =)

  72. Hi! I love these slippers and they are super easy to make, but I’m an newbie to crocheting. How exactly am I supposed to do Row 14. I’m confused by the part that says turn(!) and 20 dc (1 dc into each next dc).

  73. simply awesome… my daughter loved the owl handbag….. u say do not copy… i live in kuwait … so where can i buy it? i am only good at copying patterns from crochet books,… cant do my own designs.. maybe i can try …………. u are the best anyway………..

  74. you are my hero. I’ve been looking all morning for a pattern I like in order to make some newborn sized slippers. Thanks to you, I’m going to venture into making my own pattern for them since I didn’t find any I loved. Thanks for the inspiration! Your pattern has given me the basic idea of what I need to do. THANK YOU!!!

  75. Hey Petra!

    Thanks sooo much for this step by step – maybe even a beginner ditz like me can actually make slippers! I have some “bulky yarn” that I didn’t know what to use it for. I have been wanting to try slippers.

  76. These are so simple and so cute. Also one of the easiest crochet instructables I’ve come across – although I’m a bit thick (and a newbie!) when it comes to crochet, and the only problem I’ve had is between rows 15-21. Maybe I’m not turning properly, but on each row I seem to lose a stitch, so my rows are getting narrower. I don’t suppose anyone can tell me what I’m doing wrong?

    Other than that I love the pattern – made some for myself that kept my tootsies super warm over winter. Thanks very much!

    • I just have a simple question.
      What hook do you use, and what kind of yarn?
      I really want to make these slippers, and I love to make them of alpaca wool.
      Love, Marian

  77. I did really well with this pattern until I got to rows 15-21 and then I think I have taken it apart…I cant even count. I dont understand how to connect the rows. At the end of every row there is a round loop where I chain three. Im sure Im not doing something right but Im not sure what? Thank you for taking the time to post this I really do think it’s such a cute pattern.

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  80. I was wondering what yarn you used. I have just tried making these with a G hook and medium weight yarn.#4Vanna’s Choice. Is this too heavy? I will try again using a lighter weight yarn. Thanks, they are super cute, so will keep trying>

  81. Hi Petra,
    I just stumbled across this pattern. Although I am a knitter I think I’ll give these a whirl and try my crocheting chops.
    Thanks so much for sharing your lovely pattern.
    Best! Amanda

  82. I,m trying to learn to crochet slippers for small children.
    I need to know how to get a pattern for different sizes of children’s slippers.
    Can anybody help me ?


    • this pattern would actually be perfect for that. it’s really easy to reduce the number of stitches/rows to suit whatever size you need. like if you only did 5 or 6 rounds in the beginning and not so big and only did 5 or 6 rows.

  83. ive been staring at slipper patterns for 12 hours now officially and trying them out and yours is the first to make sense all the way through to the end. thank you .

  84. thanks tons for the great tutorial. I’m so new at following instructions to crochet. Your instructions are perfect!

  85. LOVE this slipper pattern! I made a pair in a snuggly rainbow sherbet variegated yarn. They’re my favorite slippers ever, I added a chain stitched a stretchy “shoe lace” threaded around the top and tied in a bow to keep them on my skinny ankles. One slight problem, my hubby tried them on (where was my camera …that would’ve been a great blackmail picture!) Now I have to make him a pair,and somehow “studly them up a little”. thanks for the nice pattern & awesome instructions. They WERE the easiest thing I’ve ever crocheted.

  86. I’ve tried to make these cuties but I can’t seem to get past the 2nd round, I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Is it my hook or my yarn??????? HELP ME PLEASE, I want to make my mom a pair:o)

    • Me, too! I get to about row 14 and then I either have too many or not enough stitches. It would be great to have the number of chains notes that I’m supposed to have at the end of each row so that I can stay on track.

  87. Hi, Im Jasmine from Penang, Malaysia. I would like to know whether ur shop in Malaysia or overseas cause im interested in Pink Mary Janes. Did u sell this? How much is this?

  88. Hallo Petra,
    bin nach der suche für Gehäkelte Pantoffel, auf deine Seite gelandet.
    Ich bin begeistert von Ihnen.
    Musste mir die Anleitung in Deutsch übersetzen.
    Das ist auch mal ein außer gewöhnliche Geschenk.

    DANKE: das du es im Internet veröffentlichst hast.

    Liebe Grüße
    aus Deutschland


  89. i gree with one of the comments i saw. I was looking all day for slipper patterns and yours was the best all the way through complition, becuase i always got stuck half way through with other patterns. I also like the closing of the slippers. I hve now made two pairs of slippers.. and i even created my own pattern from the skeleton of yours..thanks Bunches!!!!

  90. Dear Petra,

    How would you adapt the number of stitches if using a size 3 crochet cotton yarn (takes a 3 mm crochet hook)? Would you, for example, start off with a 12 DC ring instead of 8 and make 33 DC on row 14 instead of 22?


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  92. I also would like to know what size hook and what weight yarn you used. These are sooooooooooo cute and I can’t wait to try them, and my foot is the same size as yours. Thanks!! 🙂

  93. Hi,it might be stupid of me to ask but do I have to chain 3 in rounds 5-13?I’m a total beginner and this is my second project.I love these slippers and I would love to finish at least one:Ppleas ehelp.Oh and by the way to me you are a crochet guru:)

  94. Hi Alex!

    Thanks for the kind words!!! 🙂

    You don’t do the ‘ch 3’ post in rounds 5-13 – all you do is continue working in following stitch (without ‘closing’ the previous round). Your work will grow in spiral and there will be no joining seam.

    I hope it was understandable…

    Happy crocheting!!!

    Petra 🙂

  95. Hi Petra!
    Thanks so much!! I’ll do that.I have to start from the start with those slippers and I’m determined!!!I am I am:):)I love your website I’ll be coming back for more great patterns!

    All the best!

  96. thak you so much for sharing you pattern, i was searching for the patter and i love your patter simple and nice. thanks a lot.

  97. Hi, I have a question about working in spiral. It seems to create a noticeable hole when I go from working around beginning with ch 3 to working in spiral. Am I doing something wrong or is it supposed to be like this?


    • I have the same. It has to be like that. Because I do 2 colours slippers, I leave this part with hole on the sole.
      Other way u can do: 3 ch, 1 dc in the same (no hole), 2 dc together, then as Petra shows but I’m not sure about shape in this case. This is just idea.

  98. What a fab idea! I have been looking for a pattern for bedroom slippers. I think these would be ideal. Will definitely give it a go. Will also show it on my blog with a link back to you. I think its a great pattern so thank you very much.

  99. Hi! I first off want to say this is such a wonderful pattern! But Im a little confused on row 22! i start increasing? Im sorry! Is there anyway you can clearify this for me! Im super excited to make these slippers! Thanks, Michelle

  100. These are so adorable!!! i’ve never crocheted a day in my life lol so is there a crochet for dummies for making these so i don’t screw up??? anything u would offer would be greatly appreciated!! thank you!!

  101. amiga los proyectos estan muy bellos y facil de aprender, gracias por permitir verlos, espero que siga asi. GRACIAS MARYS

  102. AMAZING! i love this pattern! well done indeed! Had trouble trying to find a pattern that was easy with amazing results! Best pattern!
    I made these in green and added some white and green crochet circles for eyes to make frogs slippers!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


    I do not know if that link worked, but I took your pattern and made a pair of Totoro slippers! 😀 I made them for my roommate – I am actually English and spend a year at college in Illinois near Chicago, and me and my friend’s started our own knitting and crochet culb 🙂 I took to your blog and fell in LOVE with your slippers! I actually made a simple blue and purple pari for my best friend too, and now I am home again in England I am going to make a pair for myself 😀 I hope you like what I made, please e-mail me if the image doesn’t work, or just drop me an email I would love to start networking with knitters and crocheters and begin to creatr my own pattersn

    Thank you so SO much for the fabulous pattern
    Jenny xx

  104. Could you by any chance tell me why I am ending up with a large placemat after doing around 10 rounds.What am I doing wrong?:(
    Amazing website,I’ll be buying your owl cushion pattern as soon as I’ve finished these slippers:)
    Good luck

  105. I just can’t tell you how much I love you right now 😀
    About 15 years ago, my sister borrowed one of my older crochet books and then ruined it, tossed it and never replaced it. It had these slippers in it – and for some reason – no matter how much I’ve searched I’ve never been able to replace it. OR find the pattern – until today.
    So!! I LOVE you!! hahahaha Thanks so much!
    P.S. We have a great crochet/knit/yarny club in FB and would LOVE to invite you and anyone else to join us! No pressure – just an invite!

  106. This is an awesome pattern/tutorial. The pictures were great, I was able to see whether I was going in the right direction. I just crocheted the slippers in a day and now my husband wants some! 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  107. THANK YOU for this mega easy pattern! I pined it on my Pinterest crochet projects I want to do board. I have lots of followers who will also love this pattern.

  108. Ptra I have a question, I am a Spanish speaker and a crochet beginner, so I don’t quite understand quehat do you mean when you say: 1 dc into second stitch from hook. What’s teh second stich from hook when you have crocheted 3 ch st? and what’s the first stich from hook in that case? I’m sorry for such a basic question, I hope you cna answer me back. Thanks!

    • Hi Carolina, yes, I understand you question… in this case, the ‘3 ch’ post counts as first stitch here, so first stitch from hook would actually be the 4th stitch from hook… and second stitch from hook would be the 5th one… Petra

  109. Hi this is the other Ashley (I called the slippers “cuties”). I just completed my very own pair that I converted into size 7.5 US sizing! These are adorable, and other people want me to make them for them. It only took me about 3 hours for each one. I love it!

  110. hi, i’m trying to make these, but i’m a real noob when it comes to reading patterns. can you explain step 2? please 😀

  111. Thankyou! Your instructions were perfect!!! My mother taught me how to crochet using different terminology (single crochet is an apple, double crochet is a banana etc etc (peaches, pineapples, strawberrys) so I find most instructions quite difficult. Three days ago I made my first pair of brown and pink, then I got an order, and then I got another order!! Have to stop taking orders now.. these are great, and my own are so cumfy!!

  112. Thx for the free pattern. I have been looking for one like this. I too like crocheting. It is so addictive. Bless your work.

  113. Gracias por compartir tus tejidos me encanto las pantuflas son bastantes faciles para nosotras las que sabemos muy poco de tejidos las hice y fueron la sensacion de mis amigas mil gracias, y por favor sigue publicando tejidos faciles quisiera que publicaras tejidos para bebe me va nacer otro nieto y quisiera hacerle el juego de salida del hospital ayudame por favor te lo agradezco a todas lsas tejedoras del mundo que dios les bendigas besos

  114. Great pattern! I was wondering, do you know how much of the main colour yarn you used? (Either yards/metres or by weight). I’m thinking of making these and would like to be sure how much yarn to order! Thanks 🙂

  115. Olá petra, adorei estes chinelos que vc fez, tbm sou artesã e gosto de ver coisas diferentes, são lindos mesmo, gostaria de saber se posso fazer para vender???

  116. Oa Petra, adorei seus modelos de chinelo, vivo na internet para procurar modelos diferentes, tbm sou artesã e gostaria de saber se posso usar estes modelos para vender, qd faço algo que não inventei sempre digo que encontrei na net.

    Im abraço Maria José

  117. I love the way you explain the stitches and directions for this slipper, could you by chance do the same thing for me in a granny square tutorial. I am having trouble getting anything I can understand. I am new at this and would apprecite it

  118. Hi Petra,

    I absolutely love your patterns, very easy to understand and follow. I recently purchased three from you 🙂 I was just wondering if these slippers could be made with feltable yarn? If so, would you recommend a certain hook size?



    • Hello again Catisha!
      Thank you for the kind words, I am really glad you like the patterns. I think that these slippers can be definitely made with feltable yarn – that could look wonderful!! Enjoy! Petra 🙂

  119. Is your simple crochet slippers written for American or English knitting?
    I was wondering because I finished the 6th role and it fit over my toes. I was doing an american dc
    Should I have been doing sc? Also what size hook and yarn did you use. Please help.

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  121. Crocheted slippers I make are very slippery. I am afraid my grandkids will get hurt. They love them and keep asking for them. How do you stop them from sliding? Thanks

  122. Hi I think your slipper pattern is not easy. One you don’t say what type of worsted weight yarn you used, becasue that is just how the yarn is made and not what weight it is. For example worsted yarn #3, or #4.

  123. Thank you so much for your pattern! I have wanted to learn how to make crocheted slippers for a really long time and was too cheap to purchase a pattern lol! I saw your site on pinterest and I will have to give your pattern a try! Thank you so much, they are so adorable!!

  124. Hi!!! your pattern is so simple, so cute and so easy to make!!! i was so happy to see such an easy pattern online!!! Thanks to you!!!!

  125. I love this! I just finished my first slipper and It turned out great. 🙂 I used Caron Simply Soft yarn in Strawberry, with 8dc into the ring, and in row 4 I did 1dc in 3 stitches, and 2dc in all others, just for a different fit, because with 7dc in the ring it wasn’t working quite right 🙂 I trimmed it with Red Heart SS (a little scratchy but it works) and made a neat little bow.

    I’ll post pictures when it’s daylight and I have both slippers finished! 🙂 Tot Ziens xx

  126. Your simple slippers are indeed simple. However, could you please send the instructions to my email address? The instructions are given on the internet with so many pictures that are really not necessary and make the cost of copying them more than is necessary.
    I would like to make them for foot coverings to wear in shoes. The ones that are presently offered in the stores today are really not as good as in yesteryears.

    Suzanne I. Schnell

    • Hi Suzanne!

      I am glad you like the pattern.

      You can easily print out the pattern by clicking the ‘Print Friendly’ icon which you can find in the line of icons at the end of the post (it is the last one).

      If you click that icon, a new document will open. In this document you can easily click to delete any text or picture you don’t wish to be printed.

      I hope this helps….

      Happy crocheting to you!

      Petra 🙂

  127. I’m with the person who used the american dc st… I ended up with something that barely fits my toe. So after row 6 I’ll be starting over and add more dc to the first chain ring. I still find this very useful! thanks a lot for sharing this 🙂

  128. Dear Petra, your pattern is the best . A million thanks. Your directions were perfect and easy to read, a child could understand. I am just starting out crocheting and I know I will use the pattern again and again do to the ability to change the look to so many ways. thanks again .

  129. I really do like your slippers pattern. I like to find different patterns on the internet and try them. Your pattern looks really good and looks simple enough. Thanks and I will let you know how they turn out.

  130. Hi Petra,
    Im new to croceting, but enjoyd your pattern very much! Easy to follow instructions and my very first pair came out looking great! Very pleased with myself. Thank you so very much, looking out for more easy to follow patterns like these.


  131. Found your page through pinterest. Thanks so much for sharing.
    I’m making a few sets to keep in a basket by the front door for when
    guests come over. Don’t want their tootsies to get cold. 🙂

  132. I made a slipper on my lunch break, left out a couple rows because my feet are small and it turned out great! I attempted a few different patterns this past weekend with no luck, got something that would fit my big toe!
    looking foward to finishing the pair when i get home and trying some of your otehr patterns!
    kudos on a great pattern!

  133. Hi,

    Would you by chance have any instructions on the cute Mary Jane straps? Also I tried making the swirl flower and have no idea how to spiral the yarn to look like a flower. Could you please explain the process? Thank you so much!

  134. I just made myself a part today i used baby blue for the main part and white for the top! I love them so so much! Thank you for sharing the pattern! I can’t wait to make another pair so when these get dirty I’ll still have another pair to wear! I’m debating what color i want next! 😀 Great design!

  135. Petra you rock. My cousin told me to go to you. I’m 53 and RElearning how to crochet to keep my hnads busy. I’m on a lot ot steroids for medical reasons. I’ve had to relearn terminology and now how to read patterns. And a lot of the ones that are out there that say easy make me feel stupid. Yours makes so much sence!!!! Now i need to know how toget a printable version because I’m a nut job and have to have list and such to work by. Did I mention I’m on HIGH steroids. If I ever finish the pattern I’m currently attempting I want to use yours right away. I only make stuff for family and would never not give you credit for the outcome, although I dont know if that’s a good thing. LOL!
    Thank you,
    Monique aka Grammy

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  137. Great tutorial. Thank you so much. How many inches did you sew when you flipped the back to join the two sides? Also, how do you add the strap that goes across like in the pink slippers picture?
    Thank you.

  138. Thank you so much! I have been looking for a slipper pattern. I even bought one, but I am not an expert and could not follow the directions… This I can do! Thank you so much!!!

  139. I la la LOVE this pattern 🙂 Easiest slipper pattern out there & ever so comfy!
    I’ve made several pairs for some expecting mothers I know, and I’ve gotten requests for several more pairs. Thank you so much for posting this!

  140. It is truly a great and helpful piece of info. I am satisfied that you just shared this useful information with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  141. Hi! Love these little slippers! I love the idea of crocheting, but all my ‘easy’ washclothes come out diagonal… Oh well. Perhaps I’ll sit down and attempt these. They’re super cute!

  142. Thank you so much for providing this pattern! I absolutely love it. I’ve only made one slipper so far, but it is so cute! I only made a few alterations to the pattern, mainly because my foot is smaller, and it was pretty easy to adjust. I’ll be making a pair for my sister who’ll be going through some surgery, and I think that she’ll love them. Again, thank you!

  143. Coming from South Africa, I constantly need to determine if the pattern is in UK or US stitches. A trick that I use is looking at the starting number of chains. 3 Chains tells me that after pulling the yarn through the loop, I should have 3 loops on the hook, then the DC or TR. As my grandmother taught me how to crochet and she used her own terminology, I was forced to find ways of understanding what I should do. I’m looking forward to making the slippers!

  144. I don’t understand the pattern. I you suppose to do round 2 like that or 2 stitches in each stitch I tried the pattern but I did not come out well

  145. Adore, adore, adore this. Couldn’t have been simpler and totally customizable. I did it with a size G hook and Red Heart Super Saver yarn (freshly washed for softness!). i added a few rounds in the spiral, to cover my high arch, but they turned out to fit about 7.5 or an 8 in US women’s size. For my MIL and SIL who have slightly bigger sizes I will just start with more, and for my sister and mom who are smaller I will start with less. Can’t wait to try doing different colors for a “paint dipped” toe effect! Way to go-splendid pattern!

  146. Hi,
    I really like the pattern. I work in a nursing home and some of our residents are in wheel chairs or Geri-chairs all the time so I wanted something I could make up quick. My question is do you make the front shorter when you add the strap? I am trying to get a couple of the spider ones made before halloween for our residents and i will do some for the other holidays to. What you could also tell people if they use a larger hook it will increase the size of the slipper using the same pattern. I did to make a size 9 used a J hook. Debra

  147. Hola Petra la verdad es que es muy facil ver tus explicaciones yo munca he hecho una
    zapatillas pero estoy tan segura que estas ls voy a poder hacer gracias y si puede siguelo
    haciendo somos muchas la que te vamos agradecer Dios te lo page

  148. I love your pattern, I have made about six pair so far and plan on making alot more for christmas gifts this year. I altered the pattern so that I could make some for my grandkids and they love them and are wanting more. Thank you so much. I enjoy getting and sharing patterns and ideas with friends and family. Not everyone likes to share free patterns. Thanks again.

  149. These are cute and very simple to make. I make something simular, but keep going and turn it into a bootie for warmth around my ankles. If you are interested I will send you a picture of one and how I did it. I am like you. I hate reading the directions in crochet books. I can usually just look at something and make it, much easier for me anyways! I think I am dislexic or something close to that. My thing is making hats. I most have at least a hundred or more just lying around waiting for a head to hope on! I can send picks of those too! Well thank you for your easy intructions for slippers… I can’t spell either… oh well…Do you sell any of your things? If yes, where or what website?? Take care and have a nice evening!! Addicted to crochet! Cindy

  150. LOVE this pattern!! The photos were exceptional quality and instructions were great. I made myself a “test”pair and plan to make these for friends, family, and charity for Christmas. So quick, simple, beautiful and comfy! Thanks so much for sharing.

  151. Can’t wait to make some of these slippers! Your instruction is wonderful, and your pattern is brilliant in its simplicity! Thank you for sharing.

  152. Could you please do a video tutorial on these? I am an inexperienced crocheter and I can’t understand a lot of the terminology you use I am also more of a visual learner.

  153. Thank you for this amazing and easy pattern. Your tutorial is very useful and inspirational.
    I’m from Hungary but I understood your instructions 🙂 .

  154. These are great. I used puffy paint on the bottom to make them slip-resistant for my little nieces. Worked well, but use a lot, write names or hearts to cover more of the bottom 🙂 Thank you for the easy, awesome pattern!

  155. This is truly awesome! i’ve been looking for such pattern for so long,and then here it is. thank u for sharing it with us. and u are sooooo right when u say “Actually, these slippers might be the simplest slippers in the universe.”

  156. Hi there, i love your ‘ How to make simple crochet slippers pattern but I am having some difficulty crocheting them when I get to round 14 I am having difficulty, can anyone help me out , i can usually figure patterns out and i am a good crocheter. thank you jane

  157. Hi Petra, I love these slippers and want to
    make them as Christmas gifts. I am confused when you say doble crochet in 2nd stich from hook. Is the second stich from the hook the one on the chain 3 made? And if I need a 7 1/2 to an 8 size slipper how do I know how I should adjust slipper since I already completed rounds 5 -13. Thank you.

  158. I just made these but the front came out wide. How do i make this slipper for a smaller foot ty. The second pair was very wide like i was making a hat lol.

  159. I love the pattern so far and can’t wait to finish them but I am having a little trouble with row 14, where it says to 3 ch; 1 dc into second stitch from hook; Is that 1 dc suppose to be in the 3 ch? and I know that the other rows say the same or instead of (1 dc into second stitch from hook it might say 1 dc into the first stitch from hook) I really could use some help…Thanks so much

  160. can I throw in a suggestion? I also make slippers for the family, only with 2 strands of yarn to make them sturdier and warmer, but, what I also do is to make 4 half rows at the end of the slipper to create a set in heel. It makes the slipper stay on better. just when you get to the end and before sewing it up, crochet half way down, turn and crochet back up, repeat for 4 rows, then crochet the edges together. You will end up with a set in heel. Hope you do not mind my suggestion.

    • Hi jackie, ok did the 4 half rows at the end of slipper. When you say crochet half way down then back up, do I turn, make 3 ch then dc? Love your idea but I need help describing after 4 half rows.
      Thanks Diana

  161. Thank you sooo much!!! I am a begginer in crocheting and i really wanted to make some slippers, but i just couldn’t get the patterns! And now i got it, thanks to you!! Thank YOU!! 😀

  162. Awesome tutorial, I haven’t crocheted in awhile, so I’ve been gathering some resources, and you made this look so easy I’m going to make slippers first!! aaand you have the same size foot as I, thank yoou!

  163. Thank you for your very easy to understand pattern! I made one and I love it! I searched all over for a pattern that I could understand! Thank you again.

  164. I was wondering if you had any resources or tutorials for attaching bottoms to these kind of shoes? Like a type of sole or something.

  165. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern. I made these as my Christmas gifts this year. I gave them to family, friends and people I met out and about who needed to know they were special. People do love a handmade gift. Their response made my heart smile.

  166. rounds 5-13. do you chain or what after each round? what do you mean in spiral?
    I love the pattern but honestly need a video for a dummy like me;

  167. I played with the pattern a bit and made a pair for my 6 month old grand babe and a pair for her mom my daughter …thank you this is a great pattern( iam bad with patterns )but this was easy to do…………THANK YOU……….

  168. I did rows 5-13 but have no clue as to what to do with row 14. you people are much smarter than I am that thinks this is easy. the picture looks nothing like my mess. also row 14 says 20 dc but I have 22 or 23. What is my problem??? PLEASE HELP!!!

  169. Following your pattern, I’ve made quite a few pairs of slippers. However, I’d like to branch out by including a strap to make them look more like Mary Janes. Could you provide some instructions for adding a strap? I’ve seen several patterns that tell you to crochet the strap separately and then it attach it later, but I’d rather crochet mine while crocheting the shoes. If you could please provide these instructions, I’d be most appreciative.

  170. Hello, your creations are so inspiring……especially to me the slippers…..there are really really wonderful….there pictures are splendid, and contemporary.this is the most particularly about your blog and creations…..there not kitch or old fashion…….i’m french speaker , from belgium, thank you very much, you gave me the feeling for the first time to realise something else than scarfs (that i hade made for five years!!!! 🙂 )…..if i can exgange s.t. like vintage splendid patterns that i have got…..let me know. congratulations
    dom goblet

  171. Nice, simple pattern; now I don’t have to figure much out for myself, LOL. I’m going to make these after working out what I need to do to fit my size 6 US feet (shouldn’t be a problem).

    Some other changes I might do are to reduce the instep (edge comes closer to the toes) and round off a little more to make them more like ballet slippers…and, I think I’m going to do a corded edge (reverse single crochet, aka: crab stitch).

    Thanks! 🙂

  172. I figured it out, being sick and all I forgot to take in account that your from britan?
    So 2dc =2sc but everything else is the same. Hence my wavy ripple 🙂

  173. Petra,
    Quick question-how would you adjust this to fit tightly? The one I made slips off a lot and I don’t know what I did wrong.

  174. i needed a slipper pattern and i clicked on this website hoping to find a pattern but there is no pattern on this website.

  175. My daughter pinned this and said she wanted a pair. Some how it ended up on my facebook wall. I’ve had three others wanting a pair. I did the first with some alterations to fit her foot and it turned out great. Have made one of the second pair and working on the other one. Great pattern! Thanks for posting it for free!!!

  176. I love your pattern of Simple Crochet Slippers I have made them to all my family I would like to know if you have a pattern for a baby (12 month and a 2 yr. old) . Please it has to be the same pattern of Simple Crochet Slipper .Let me know I would love to have your pattern Thank you Love your work! 🙂 mona

  177. I absolutely love this pattern! Some ladies and I were trying another pattern that was a little kooky, but yours is perfect!! Great job and thanks for what will be an onslaught of Xmas gifts!

  178. The crochet slipper was GREAT. The pictures giving you a step-by-step is exactly what I needed. I shall sing your praises to all who want to crochet. Thank you for a great job.

  179. I am new to crochet. My niece turns two next month in April. I really want to mske her these. Can u send me pattern for a two year old? Thank you.

  180. I am using the pattern similar….however I HDC and used two strands of worsted weight yarn…turned out BEAUTIFUL and squishy..thank you for the wonderful pattern

  181. Hi Petra,
    I hope this will be my only question. I just made one of these for my daughter and it’s pretty big. Is it because i crochet with a loser stitch? I think I remember seeing somewhere how you suggest to make the size smaller but now I can’t locate it. Would you be able to remind me?

    Thank you,

  182. Does anyone know what it means by 1 dc and 2 dc? I understand that dc means double crochet, but what about the numbers? Thanks!

  183. Round 14
    3 ch
    1 dc into second st from hook
    make 20 dc
    ( 1 dc into each next dc)
    Could you explain this to me… new at reading people instructios Thank You so much!!

  184. Hi! I have made these for my sons and my mother. My foot is narrow. Can I just crochet up to the 4th row and make them longer from there? I think this would keep them narrower for me? What do you think?

  185. Mine turned out different lol and don’t ask me how LOL… I had a hard time understanding some of the pattern, if I want to make it smaller do I start out with let chs and dch or just use a smaller hook ? Thank You, and I only got the left one made now I hope I can match it LOL LOL LOL

  186. Hi, how do you do “1 dc into second stitch from hook” ? Is there any info of how many stitches should be for each rows ? I love ur shoes so much ! Hope to view more of your tutorial 😀

  187. Love love love! Just made my first pair of these, and I have the feeling it is the start of something beautiful 🙂 Thank-you!

  188. I found your pattern as I was looking for simple slippers for an adolescent to make who is just learning to crochet. Thank you for sharing your pattern. The slippers are so charming and versatile that I will make some of them myself. The pattern is so simple and straight-forward with a fast and attractive result that I am sure the youth will want to make many of them. You provided an excellent incentive for learning and the way you presented it will be easy to follow. Thank you again for sharing and making it accessible to low budget situations.

  189. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU…I have been looking for a simple slipper crochet pattern for so long..Now I have found it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  190. Great pattern,I am new to reading patterns. I made 1 slipper but needed to adjust to smaller size. I reduced the stitches and when I finished the slipper was too long It was not tight fitting Do you measure and reduce length by some ( like 1 inch shorter than length) .Also,what is dble crochet in 2nd stitch from hook ,and knowing how many stitches across in total wou
    D help as a check on your pattern! Please RSVP I want to really make the slippers for gifts. Thanks Pat
    PP the pattern is awesome!

  191. Hi thanks for the pattern….
    I’m having a little trouble with rows 15-21…every time I ch 3 and dc in 2nd ch from hook I keep ending up with less and less dc… It’s frustrating. I’ve torn it out about 4x now. Please help

  192. Pattern is awesome and seems easy to understand better than most on the net. But I am having a slight issue. I can’t seem to do the single and double stitching correctly. And also how do u know when its time to make the normal rows instead of the spirals?

  193. Looking for an easy pattern for socks my Grandson is in the Army and he wants some ,this looks like a easy pattern for slippers will have to try it.Thanks

  194. Great pattern. But I am big foot!! Size 13 W. I hat to adjust pattern to ch3 and 9dc to fit my Big Foot. Everything else was the same till length. Has to fit that loafer with few extra rows. But they turned out great. Thanks!!

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  196. I followed your pattern and mine looks nothing like yours. Mine looks like it would fit BIG FOOT’S foot. I wish I could post the picture so you can see it. Some of the directions were confusing. Like 1 dc into second stitch from hook and another 1 dc into last stitch. Is the second from hook part of the chain or is that using the tops of the dc. Also the part about adding another dc in last stitch?

  197. Thank you so much for this pattern! I’m new at crochet, and I had some leftover yarn from my first blanket, and I TOTALLY MADE SLIPPERS.
    Thank you for making this easy to follow and for putting pictures for each step – I only had to start over twice ;D !

  198. Hi I just started crocheting. Have made numerous flowers, a dozen caps with flowers. My daughter was asking me to make her some ballet shoe covers, SO was so chuffed to come across your slipper pattern.

  199. Hi there

    loved your pattern have made them for 4 kids so far and a pregnent daughter all love them however I would like tto know how to make the flower or design in the last photo on the plippers or where can I find it. again thanks


    • Thank you so much. I am looking for Christmas gifts to mass produce and this fits the bill!! I also love and appreciate all the great pictures to step us through the process. Thanks alot and Great Job!!

  200. Thanks so much simple and I love the pictures why does everyone have to make it so hard. Yep im impatient too so will probably adjust them to fit my wide feet and no doubt everyone else in my household will want them. THANK YOU …….

  201. Love you slipper pattern. How much main color yarn did you use? Have one ball of yarn that I want to use for a pair. Can’t find anymore due to discontinued color 🙁

  202. hello,
    i found your slippers on pinterest. i found the ones withthe flower-brown with pink and brown flower. i see that you have a pattern now for the slippers, but no pattern for the flower. can you share that also? look forward to hearing from you,


  203. I would love the pattern for the blue and pink flower too! That is just adorable! Thank you so much for sharing this pattern. I am going to whip up a pair tonight!

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  205. I have been trying to make these slippers for three days. I have followed all the instructions up until about round 7. I am frustrated because my circle is flat until round 6 when it starts to turn into itself. Am I doing something wrong or will my slipper begin to take shapr the more rounds I do? Help!! I want to make these so bad!!! Thank u!

    • that’s what mine did too, just keep working on it and it should take more shape! if you get to about round 9 or 10 and it’s still looking a little weird, maybe double check all of your steps and watch some videos about crocheting in the round. 🙂

    • Since this is in a “spiral” round, the upper edge of your crocheting is going to be uneven (it will spiral upward). To keep track of your rounds, it’s helpful to use a marker. Put one in the beginning or ending of round 5. If your crocheting is turning in on itself, you’re probably putting too many stitches in each row. Make sure you’re only putting one dc in each stitch.

  206. These are amazing, and the first pattern that I have found that is actually free. Does anyone know where or how to find the pattern for the flowers that are on the pink slippers? The others are cute too, but I have a specific request for those flowers and I can’t figure them out! Please and thank you a million!

  207. I suppose I can figure it out for myself, but it would be nice if you would pattern out the Mary Jane straps and how they are attached (sewn or crocheted on).

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  209. I just learned to make slippers and I hope that I can make the same size as the one I made because I usually have a offal time of counting stitches. I have enjoyed learning to make this one slipper and thanks for all the helpful information.

  210. Hi have made 2 pair of these slippers, on my 3rd today, thank you so much for the pattern. Iusually knit mine but thought if only I could crochet a pair that would be so nice, again thank you:)

  211. These are awesome – I have a real problem following crochet directions and yours were so concise and so easy! I sat down and made a pair and they are perfect, first try!! LOVE them!

  212. I love the slippers,they are awesome!
    I want to try these,if they work,I will be super happy!
    It’s hard to find slippers,in store,because,they have so much fur,or what ever,in
    Them,that my feet sweat,way too much!
    I wished I know how too,save this pattern!
    See,what I can,come up with?
    Thank You,very much!

  213. Luv this simple slipper. Started with this easy pattern and added my own twist. Made 13 pairs for Christmas. Grandchildren to my grown sons. Happy. Thank u

  214. agradeço a ideia ,vou tenta fazer e pretendo colar uma sola de sapatinho .Minha filha adorou a novidade.

  215. question: Would you clarify step three? 3 ch; 1 dc into first stitch; 2 dc into each next stitch; join with sl st – would you do 2dc in each stitch around?? Same with the next step….continue around?? I worked the pattern the way it was written and I had seven dc in the ring, then 1 dc in the first stitch, 2dc in the next …then what?? 2dc in each stitch around? Love the pattern – would like to make sure I do it right. I work 16 hour days so time is very limited. I hate ripping out work 😀

  216. This pattern is great! It’s easy, but so cute! It fits my foot and is easily adjustable for other foot sizes!! I just made one slipper and it only took me an hour (and that’s wwith a few short breaks taken to attend to my baby) thanks for sharing!

  217. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I cannot thank you enough….I know I can make this slipper and thank you again for the pattern and pics….

  218. Hola Petra! te estoy escribiendo desde Buenos Aires, Argentina, me encantaron tus slippers, ya hice un par pero aún me falta terminarlas.

    Muy buena la explicación y el paso a paso.

  219. I really like this pattern a LOT! Petra might claim to be no crochet expert…but she sure has a pattern that WORKS here! I paid money for another similar one, that wasn’t half as good or easy to understand! Anyway, only thing for sure was that I really had to do some sizing down with this. I wear a U.S. size 9, which, according to the pattern, should have worked perfectly with the pattern as written. Everything fit fine as far as the toe part and the sides and all that…but the length was way long for me. I shortened the amount of rows on the “toe tube” and also the length of the heel/ankle section by a couple of rows each part. But, no I have perfectly fitting slippers that work up fast, and are easy yet look really classy. Thanks! I can’t have too many slippers…going to make more!

  220. Question – how many stitches should you have at the end of the forth row? I have two slippers of a different size, and I’m wondering which one is wrong. Thanks.

      • Oops…sorry. I miscalculated. I think it’s around 42 stitches? Or something like that. You’ll have to add up the previous rows…from 1 to 4 to figure it out. The chains count as a stitch, I believe (they usually do in other patterns).

  221. Love this pattern. I made my pair a bit too big so I after the trim, I ran my yarn thru and tightened like a draw string. Perfect. And there’s a pretty bow in the back.

  222. I am new to crocheting so this may seem like a silly question but here goes. When imfinsih round 4 do I slip stitch? Also for round 5-13 do I chain for each round?

    • i didnt slip stitch after row 4 and i havent chained rows 5-13 and its coming out as pictured. Hope that helps Terri!

  223. I feel silly with this comment but ive never been good at following written patterns im more of a video gal lol but im so lost after row 4 i kept going in a spiral but it looked nothing like the pic more like a flat circle… someone HELP ME please!!!!

    • You may be inadvertently adding stitches. After row #4 you don’t chain for each circle and you only put one double crochet into each stitch around. Rows 5 to 13 (in my case 10) is more like a long single spiraling row. I used a stitch marker to give me an idea how many times (“rows”) I went around. The piece should start curling into itself as you go, making a sort of tube with the beginning circle closing off one end. When it started looking like it might be getting close to the right length to cover my toes, I periodically tried it on to see how it fit and where the “tube” came to on my foot.

  224. I luv this pattern. my first pair of slippers turned out very nice for a self taught person like myself. Huge problem I have. I can’t figure out why my slippers turn out soooooo big and I’m not knowledgeable enough to know how to make them smaller. I used the recommended hook size and all. I would greatly appreciate it if u could help me out. Thanks for an awesome pattern

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  226. These are darling!! I made slippers for my ‘girls’ last year for Christmas, but like you, I had to make up my own pattern and it wasn’t nearly this neat or cute. I can see them getting houseshoes again this year!! 🙂 Love all your pieces, going to check out your website too.

  227. I made these slippers for my daughter and younger sister and they loved it, its very simple and easy to make, thank you very much.

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  229. Hi there
    Thank you for the video. Would be great if you mentioned the number of stitches at the end of each row.



  230. Thank you for sharing and showing us how to make these easy slippers, they are indeed very easy and pretty there is so much we can add to it to make it different ways. Three cheers for you……

  231. Hi
    I love these slippers!
    But i’m a beginner so I wanted to ask something. Whenever I start the toe the first 6 rows make a flat piece. Is this normal?
    Please help, thanks 🙂

  232. I am having a problem w rows 15 to21. Can you spell the steps out for me? I am not coming out even. I’m probably over thinking it but I love the slippers and don’t want to quit on it.

  233. I wish I could upload you a picture. I am new to crochet and thought I would never be able to make a pair of slippers. Thanks to you I have made my first pair with hardly no trouble at all. They are really cute and will go with the dishcloths, & bath poufs I have made my family for Christmas. Thanks again for a great tutorial.

  234. I’ve not tried these yet, but would expect the first 4 rows to make a flat circle (as in the picture), once you get into rows 5-13 it should become more of a tube, but it might take a few rows before you notice its no longer just a flat circle.

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  236. I love this slippers, much easier and.faster to crochet. This I will make for the grandkids and great grandkids..Thank you so much for sharing…May God Jehovah bless you and your family in Jesus name. Amen

  237. I really love this slippers! I’m just a beginner and not as good as others in crocheting.
    It’s easier and simple, really help me make my own slippers. I love it!

    Thank you very much!

  238. Hola!! me encanto tu tutorial, sobre la zapatillas busque y busque la forma de hacerlas y no conseguía, hasta que vi este blog. de verdad que me encanto. Felicidades,gracias y saludo…

  239. My 11 year old daughter made 4 slippers yesterday from your pattern! Definitely the easiest slipper pattern if she can master it in a day! (and she doesn’t get the crocheting talent from her mom! I’m all thumbs!)

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    Sou do Brasil
    Adorei seus chinelinhos
    Vou fazê los com certeza
    Você é muito caprichosa nos seus trabalhos……parabéns
    Um grande abraço amiga.

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  245. I just started teaching myself to crochet recently and I’ve been looking everywhere for an easy, basic slipper pattern. Thank you so much for posting this!

  246. I’m making these right now, and I can tell already that these are going to fit well and keep my feet warm – that’s a hard thing to do! Thank you for this pattern, great job!

  247. I enjoyed looking at your slipper pattern. It looks very easy to make and you can add any thing to finish the shoe. Thank you Beautiful Work

  248. Obrigada, seu sapato, é assim que chamamos no Brasil, é lindo e muito fácil de se entender como se faz.

  249. Just found your pattern for making slippers. I have attempted to make many a slipper but they aways turn out a little loose fitting around the top. Yours seem fairly simple and look great, so I’ll give a try. Thanks for sharing

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