Tequila Sunrise


I am sure each of you has a favorite cocktail.

Mine is Tequila Sunrise. It has been this way ever since I can remember… Was I six when I first drank it? Or seven?

Nah! Nine!

Hehe, joking all the way… I was ten!


See? This happens to a person when she taste-tests a cocktail since early morning. Joking, joking, endless joking – that’s all she does.

And now back to our serious business… what I love about this cocktail? Well, I can definitely tell you… it is sweet and ME LIKE SWEET, it is not too strong on the alcohol, the amount of orange juice makes it extremely refreshing, the pomegranate syrup that is included adds a really lovely and interesting taste to it all… and last but not least, I love how this drink looks – just like sunrise… and I LOVE sunrise.

It truly is yummy…

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