Knitting Recently

Hi friends!

I hope you are doing fine!

I thought I could just stop by here for a little while and show you a few bits and pieces that I have finished knitting recently.

Knitting has been bringing me a so much joy these days.

Soooo, the sweater you can see above has been made for my son. He is a huge Charlie Brown and Peanuts fan. Hence the zig-zag sweater.



And then Charlie Brown socks followed. They are quite slippery though, that has yet to be solved.



These! Twisted headbands. They are so addictive! And amazingly useful!

You can find a tutorial on my site here.



I made another sweater for my son. It’s quite oversized and should last him a couple of years.

Also, it seems I used two different color lots… but I don’t mind it a lot.



Another headband. This one has cables, my all-time favorite.



Love knit cables!



And here’s another set. So chunky, soft and warm!



Socks. I finally brought myself to knitting proper socks. It makes me really happy.

These were toe-up socks made with short row heel.

Another addiction!



Big wrap or shawl. I will show you this one once it’s finished.



And a cute set for my son. It a hat, a cowl and mittens. I did not even know these items are so easy to make! Like really!

Well, that’s that for now.

But there’s so much more to come. I can’t wait to show you!

See you soon, friends!




How to Knit a Twisted Headband

how to knit a twisted headband

Hi dear friends! I hope you are doing fine!

I have a very simple tutorial for your today. It’s an easy knit twisted headband.

And it’s easier to make than you’d ever think.

This is how…



Using a simple rib stitch (knit one, purl one), you knit a piece of fabric that wraps around your head comfortably, covering your ears.

I worked with worsted weight yarn (Aran), cast on 32 stitches and used 5 mm knitting needles.



how to knit a twisted headband

After casting off, fold both ends in half.



how to knit a twisted headband

Then move both folded end close together so that they are kind of hugging each other.



how to knit a twisted headband

Finally, using a yarn tail and tapestry needle, seam the edges together.



how to knit a twisted headband

Well, that’s easy, right?

I love wearing these headbands. And I am quite addicted to making them.

Sending lots of love,




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