Finishing Touches (365/53)

embrodidery on crochet

I have to say I am quite pleased with this week. I think it was pretty sweet and exciting. I finished one project and started two adorable ones that only need a few finishing touches before I can show them to you. The last adjustments involve embroidering a nice flower, making a cute border and crocheting a lovely colorful flower. Blissfully enjoyable!

For the rest of the week, all I wish for is a lovely trip tomorrow and some lovely muffins on Sunday (for some reason I’ve been craving muffins terribly for quite a few days and I have to have to have to make some really soon).

So, yes, life is pretty sweet these day.

What was your week like?

Sending lots of love,


Yaaay, My Sister Has Arrived

… for Christmas from a far away land.

That is a very, very special occasion for us because we – I mean me and my parents – get to see her very rarely. Usually every three or four years.

She arrived with her husband and their lovely son and we have all been having the best time since then.

And, of course, she has brought us many adorable presents.

Otherwise we wouldn’t have let her in!


Since she decided not to use paper for wrapping this year’s presents she created something very special.

Wonderful Christmas sacks.

Just have a look…

Adorable indeed.

She has sewn this beauty on her sewing machine and added a piece of embroidery that she has made by herself too.

And it has been custom made for each of us.

For example this is a sack for my boyfriend because he loves sweets so much.

Oh, one with a cupcake.

Who could that be for?

Who loves to bake?

I have no idea.

Not at all.

The detail of the one for my Mom.

And the one for my Dad.

Dear Adriana, this must have been so much work.

You are amazing.

And this one… who could this one be for?

Somebody who loves dogs very much?


… OR! …

… for a dog itself?

Well, the second possibility is correct.

Because everybody loves our little cute Georgina.

Adriana, my dearest sister – thank you, you are the best!

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