Hot Toddy (And A Free Desktop Background Too)


Today, I was waking up deciding what to prepare for my blog – whether it would be the long planned soft pretzels recipe, or a lovely beverage called hot toddy.

One look outside the window made it all perfectly clear (because yes, in my strange world the weather and light is everything).

The sun was shining extremely bright. As if begging to send some of its rays through a hot, sweet, and delicious cup, helping to make the drink that’s inside look as magical, warming, and soothing as it in fact really is.

So, the Hot Toddy it is!

An efficient cold-healing potion, and a relaxer par excellence.

As somebody once said: “Hot Toddy has it all – the vitamin C for health, the honey to soothe, the alcohol to numb.”

And I drank it …in the morning …and don’t even have a cold … and yes, I had a great day…

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