Summer Water


Greetings, dear friends!

I hope you’ve all had a very lovely weekend.

We spent ours at a beautiful and magnificent lake in Austria. I took a few pictures to share with you.

Enjoy the summer deliciousness!
















I wish you a lovely week and a lovely summer too!

With love,



New Lake, Cool Water, And A Clear Blue Sky

lake, boats, summer, people bathing, Austria, holiday, vacation, lake, Neusield See, Lake Neusiedl

New lake, cool water, and a clear blue sky – that pretty much sums up our past weekend trip.

As usual, I am inviting you to travel and see the new places with us.

Let’s go…


Yes, we found a new lake on our trip. Not that we were the first people to find it. On the contrary, it seemed that we were the very last people in the whole wide world who’d managed to make it there. But we were happy about our discovery anyway.

The lake is called Lake Neusiedl and it is situated in Austria. It seems we have focused on exploring Austria this summer.

Anyhow, we’d had no idea that that lake existed. And we’d had even less idea that it was situated so near – within just about 90 minutes drive from where we live.

What a great surprise!


lake, boats, summer, people bathing, Austria, holiday, vacation, lake, Neusield See, Lake Neusiedl

People enjoyed swimming, sailing, surfing, or just sitting in a beach bar and chatting over cool white wine.

Aaaah, sweet summer.




We visited Vienna on Sunday.

The point was just to wander around a little.


Oh, how I love that place.

It’s simply stunning!

Frankly, there are two reasons why visiting Vienna is always a pleasure for me – the buildings are unique, magnificent and so full of history and the ice-cream is just lovely.

I hope you didn’t expect any more sophisticated reasons.


The folks over there seem to take pride in their deep and colorful history.

Don’t they look nice?


I also found these girls.

They are undergoing construction and look all excited about it.

I had never thought I’d ever find this much beauty under scaffolding.


Oh, and look what I found!

The Christmas Market has already started.

There’s punch, mulled wine and gingerbread overload.

Holy yum!



And then there was this cat.

I just had to show it to you.


And this inspirational felted bag.


And this crafty happy birdie.

Love it!


Dear Vienna,

I am really glad that you exist.

Hope to see you soon.



Your devoted and maniacal visitor.


<img class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-8478″ title=”vienna” src=”” alt=”” width=”510″ height=”340″ />


This is artificial mistletoe that shines at night.

Isn’t that fun?

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