Flowers For Sunday… and a slight change

flowers on crochet doily

I have to tell you, this Photography Project 365 is a very interesting thing to do. So far it’s brought a lot of fun into my life, as well as learning, improving self-discipline and most importantly, a lot of joy from sharing with you, dear friends.

Thank you for your support and following!

I love this project a lot now and definitely want to continue.

But there’s this slight bit I’d like to change. What I’ve learned is that adjusting is a good and wise thing to do … and for this reason, to adjust this project to the time and focus that the other projects on my site require, I thought I could try a little change and start posting my everyday-life pictures in batches once a week. Yes, I am talking about big, colorful, happy collages of my daily little joys sent from me to you once a week. And, of course, there will be my usual cooking, crafting, photography and traveling posts in-between.

I hope this does not sound too bad… ūüôā

So let’s see how it works.

Wishing you a happy happy week!


Night Out

theatre night

(Day 75/365)

Just stopping by to say hi and wish you a nice and relaxing weekend!

Mine has been really good so far, with getting ready and going to a theater being the best part of it.

See you soon!


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