My Year In Pictures (Weeks 15 And 16)

new granny square with circles in center

Hi friends!

I hope you are doing fine!

The past two weeks of my life have been really relaxing and nice. Here are a few moments that I snapped…

I enjoyed playing with colors to make a few of my granny squares with circles inside. Pure relax!


big crochet basket

I made this crochet basket too.

The good news is that I am now putting together a pattern to share with you.


walk by the lake

I enjoyed a lot of spring walks by this lake.


light reflections in a city lake

As I found out, the lake looks amazing at night too. I feel really lucky to live so near to it.


a girl and her owl

A girl and her owl… is what I saw.


rope bridge photo from ikea

As you might know, I call Ikea my second home. This photograph caught my eye during my recent trip there.


everything you see I ow to spaghetti photograph from ikea

And I loved these posters too.


colorful decorative stones

I bought some fake decorative stones. Please, don’t judge me 🙂



duck cookie jar and chocolate box

And a few cute and delicious birthday presents made me really happy last week. Yes, I have just recently celebrated another year of my ‘late-twenties-early-thirties’ as I like to refer to my age these days 🙂


flower and vases hdr

I continued to shoot more pictures for my ‘free floral desktop wallpaper’ project that I am working on.


crochet hearts and coffee

Oh, and I made a few of these colorful crochet hearts too. I think that a pattern might follow soon.

I am wishing you a great week!

With lots of love,


3 thoughts on “My Year In Pictures (Weeks 15 And 16)

  1. 1
    Adriana says:

    Your photos this week are amazing. I love the basket you have made. Also the pictures from Ikea. Lovely week you had.

  2. 2
    Diana says:

    I <3 your basket, and the Ikea photo of the bridge in fog looks ominously enticing- beautiful.

  3. 3
    Tricia says:

    Your talent in crocheting is just sooooo amazing!!! I love all that you create and the colors you think of. If I could just get an once if your talent I would be sooo happy!! I love all that you do!!! Have a beautiful day!

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