Tuna Sandwich

tuna sandwich recipe with step-by-step images

I’ve been carrying an idea to prepare a tuna sandwich in my head for quite some time.

Cause I love tuna.

It’s my favorite fish of them all.

Maybe because that’s the only one I eat, actually.


Anyway, recently, when making this delish Potato Soup, I ended up with one unused celery root and was looking for a dish that would incorporate it somehow.

Things have come full circle when one of the first recipes that I came across was actually for a Tuna Sandwich.

There was no question about the celery root any more.

Task completed.

Case solved.

What needs to be done, has to be done.


When I searched some more I also found out that people have produced about a zillion Tuna Sandwich recipes throughout the history.

It looks like it’s some kind of a popular ritual that we all share and enjoy.

Okay folks, I wanna play this game too and this is my addition…

tuna sandwich recipe with step-by-step images

Please, meet the ingredients.

They are yummy.

tuna sandwich recipe with step-by-step images

Let’s start with this handsome buddy, if you don’t mind.

It’s a celery root aka celeriac.

I write about its life story and why it needs your love here.

tuna sandwich recipe with step-by-step images

1. Slice off the skin of the root, wash it and grate it finely.

tuna sandwich recipe with step-by-step images

Like this.

tuna sandwich recipe with step-by-step images

2. Grab one half of red onion and chop it.

It will add a wonderful taste and also a wonderful color to the salad.

tuna sandwich recipe with step-by-step images

3. Let the onion and the celery make friends in a larger bowl.

tuna sandwich recipe with step-by-step images

4. Now break the Chinese cabbage into individual leaves, wash them and drain them.

tuna sandwich recipe with step-by-step images

5. Slice the leaves into thin strips, leaving out the firmer parts.

And I don’t mean fingers here.

Which you should of course leave out.
tuna sandwich recipe with step-by-step images

6. Then chop the cabbage even more finely and add it into the bowl.

tuna sandwich recipe with step-by-step images

7. Drain the tuna and throw it in too.

tuna sandwich recipe with step-by-step images

8. And now the best part (for some of us) – add nice eight heaping tablespoons of mayo.

That amount might sound a little devilish, I agree.

But consider that we are making a lot of sandwiches here – about ten – so it’s kinda all right.


Are you with me?
tuna sandwich recipe with step-by-step images

9. Season it with the Worcestershire sauce and mix until combined.


10. And then taste it and add some salt if you wish to.

tuna sandwich recipe with step-by-step images

11. Spread the newly made salad mixture on a bread slice and top with another slice of bread.

tuna sandwich recipe with step-by-step images

Then have a bite and enter heaven instantly.

It’s beyond delicious!

Enjoy, dear friends.

(This recipe feeds one smaller army – it makes about 10 sandwiches.)

14 thoughts on “Tuna Sandwich

  1. 1
    Loretta says:

    just wanted to ask, what size can of tuna? Did you just use the small 5oz size? Sounds yummy… hope I can find the celeric around here. I have read about it, but have never seen one anywhere.

    • 1.1
      zoomyummy says:

      Hi Loretta! Yes, I’ve used the small can, it was 6 oz, I think. If you don’t find celeriac then you can replace it with 3 – 4 chopped celery stalks. 🙂 Petra

  2. 2
    mirileh says:

    Will this work with regular cabbage (not sure I’ll be able to find Chinese cabbage)?

    • 2.1
      zoomyummy says:

      Hi Mirileh! Yes, I think it might, though it would be a little more crunchy. Just chop or shred the cabbage finely and leave out the tough parts. It would be great if you let me know how you liked it. 🙂 Petra

  3. 3
    mirileh says:

    I will! thanx!

  4. 4

    I love tuna sandwiches and this one looks amazing!

  5. 5
    Ep says:

    I believe Chinese cabbage = napa cabbage.

    And I’m going to try this recipe today.

  6. 6
    Neat Recipe says:

    I’ve seen the Worcestershire (god that’s hard to spell) sauce added to these recipes before and I think it’s a nice touch 🙂 The big turn-off these days is the mayo, so it’s unfortunate that there’s 8!! tablespoons of it in this recipe. I find it’s more of a lubricant anyway, you could get away with 4 and make the same recipe, or switch to something like olive oil+pesto.

    But much love! The pictures make it look amazing!

  7. 7
    Becky says:

    You could replace the mayo with plain or greek yogurt and a touch of vinegar.

  8. 8
    Gilbert Christianson says:

    you could replace the bread with a roll or a english muffin

  9. 9
    Veronika says:

    This is so delicious recipe. My family really loves it.

  10. 10
    Serene says:

    Dear Petra,
    What if I don’t use Worcestershire sauce? Are there any substitutes?
    Thank You

  11. 11
    Dale says:

    I made this, but with a slight change. I’m not sure what size of Napa cabbage you used, but my must’ve been huge because after I sliced up One head it seems like more than an enough. Beyond that I made it per recipe.

    It was very tasty, but seem…to my taste, to be lacking in some flavors. I added a quarter teaspoon of white pepper and some acid in the form of lemon juice, about 4 tablespoons teaspoons. It brightened it up plus it would help anything that would Brown. Also, I didn’t use it for a sandwich, it went right on my plate. I just put it on a cabbage leaf with a dollop of mayonnaise on top with some paprika on that. I will definitely be making us again (with my changes) again! Thank you for the idea.

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