Time Flows

What would you guess this could be?

It’s my new find.

Now you are surely thankful for how nice I’ve explained it.

Yes, I am a truly natural talent in the field of explaining.

Anyway, I’ve found the pretty thing in this town.

Oh, how I love that place.

And I forever will.

Since my personal history started to form there before I was even born.


Well, my parents happened to meet there.

Besides my personal history, this cute little town is also very famous for its long, successful gold-mining era.

You can feel the history breathing in every street and around every single corner.

And it’s not bad breath.

No, no, no.

Not at all.

I got astonished when these clay slates appeared in front of one of my eyes.

(The other one was closed because I wasn’t wearing my sunglasses and the sun was too strong.)

These slates depict various parts and milestones of the town history.

Can you imagine history being shown and taught in any better and more fascinating way?

It’s utterly amazing.

I’d grant the person who’s created these wonderful pieces of art the Nobel Prize.

I so would.

Can you see the little text snippets?

They were captivating and fun to read.

For a person fighting attention deficit disorder – like me – this is just gorgeous.

A picture and a short text.

The best combination for staying focused.

If only history textbooks were made this way when I was little.

That would have saved me years and years of banging my head against a wall.

I even got tempted to find out what these Latin mottoes meant.

This one, for example, should be something like: ‘Time flows‘.

If I’m right.

Which I’m not sure.

I wonder how you say ‘Eggnog flows’ in Latin.

Since I’d rather learn that than ‘time flows’.

Anyway, I love when things are user-friendly.

There’s nothing better.

Maybe just that eggnog.


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