Easy November Sunday


Oh, how I love the Sundays where there’s basically nothing important to do and you can go anywhere you want and have as much fun as you can.

Today was one of such days.

With a flask of hot coffee, we set off for a trip somewhere, didn’t know where ourselves.

The weather was beautiful, very lovely for November.

I managed to take FOUR pictures. Usually, I make a few hundreds on a day like this (yeah, hundreds, I am a maniac).

The reason of my modest camera use today was very prosaic – I had let my camera ON for the whole night before. Accidents happen (and in my world tragically often).

Nevertheless, I finally managed to find out how to make darkened edges on a picture.

I am so glad…

And now I am going to show you something secret, so don’t tell anyone…

This is the original picture (or the SOOC – Straight out of Camera picture):


Don’t be looking at this for too long please, it might be detrimental to your eyesight!


Dear GIMP, thank you, you’ve saved my life again!

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