New Crochet Pattern – Colorful Christmas Star Ball

Crochet PDF Pattern - Star Christmas Ball

Hi friends!

Today I am very happy to show you my newest crochet design.

It’s called a Colorful Crochet Christmas Star Ball! Yay!

This little creation makes my heart so very happy! Indeed. I was working on it for the past few weeks and, needless to say, those were just the most amazing weeks filled with bright colors, relax and joy…

Of course, I took a few pictures to share with you… enjoy…


Crochet PDF Pattern - Star Christmas Ball

Crochet PDF Pattern - Star Christmas Ball

Crochet PDF Pattern - Star Christmas Ball

Crochet PDF Pattern - Star Christmas Ball

Crochet PDF Pattern - Star Christmas Ball

In case you’d like to crochet some star balls too, you can easily do so by following a pattern that I have put together for you. It includes 61 step-by-step pictures to make the project as easy as possible. You can find the pattern in MY SHOP or on ETSY.

Thanks for letting me share!

Thank you for visiting my shop!

Happy crocheting!

With love,


How to Attract Traffic by Making Your WordPress Blog Mobile Friendly

smartphone wordpress jetpack mobile friendly

Hi friends!

Today I would like to introduce a very special person to you.

This person has been my web developer and adviser for all things computer and internet related for quite some time.

I have recently asked him if he could share some of his knowledge and valuable ideas with you, my dear readers. And I am beyond happy and excited that he said yes to being a special contributor on this site.

This friend’s name is Peter and today he would like to share with us How to Attract Traffic to a WordPress Blog by Making it Mobile Friendly…



Guest Post by Peter.

Traffic is the blogger’s lifeblood. Not only does traffic bring in ad revenue, it also creates a community around the blog.

Many bloggers started out a few years ago when smartphones and tablets were rare. But in today’s world, these devices are present everywhere and are used intensively. So it is very important to enable easy access to your blog for these mobile users.

Since WordPress is the best and most used blogging platform, I will show you how to make your WordPress blog responsive. Responsiveness is that quality of a website which automatically changes its layout, so it is optimized for various devices. In other words, a responsive site is easily readable on a cell phone, a tablet, a laptop, and a desktop computer.

The following tutorial is intended for self-hosted WordPress blogs ( like the one that Petra uses.


The whole process consists of only six easy steps. And here they are…


Go to your WordPress dashboard. Click Plugins, click Add New.

wordpress dashboard plugins add new


Search for a plugin called Jetpack by authored by Automattic. Install the plugin.

wordpress dashboard install plugins jetpack


Activate the plugin.

wordpress dashboard activate plugin jetpack


Click Connect to in order to enable all the nice features of this plugin.

wordpress dashboard jetpack connect to


If you already have an account with, just enter your username and password, then click Authorize Jetpack.

wordpress authorize jetpack

If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one by clicking Need an Account?. After signing up by entering your email address and selecting a username and a password, WordPress will swiftly send you an email with an activation link. By clicking on that link in the email, a new browser window will open, where you will be able to click Authorize Jetpack.

wordpress sign up for new account authorize jetpack


Activate the Mobile Theme feature in WordPress Dashboard > Jetpack.

wordpress dashboard jetpack plugin activate mobile theme

At this moment, you may check out how your blog looks like on mobile devices. If you are not completely satisfied, choose one of Jetpack’s four available mobile themes that best suits your blog. You can find Jetpack’s themes in WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Themes.

wordpress dashboard appearance available mobile themes

Easy and beautiful, isn’t it? 🙂

Please, let me know in your comments whether your blog is already responsive or if you found this tutorial useful to make your blog responsive.

Happy blogging!

(Note: Mobile support is also available for users. It can be easily set up via the Dashboard in Appearance > Mobile.)


Individual No-Bake Banoffee Pies (Banana Toffee Pies)

individual no-bake banoffee pies in a jar - recipe

Incredibly delicious!

That pretty much sums up my thoughts on this delicious dessert. Banana and toffee pies are simply amazing (btw, that’s where the name ‘banoffee’ comes from: banana + toffee = banoffee).

In fact, I did not even know I am such a big fan of banana and toffee combination! But now it’s clear to me – it is a flavor combo to die for.

In addition to being super-yummy, this simplified version of the classic Banoffee Pie is also no-bake, served in a jar and extremely quick to make. I am sure you will just love it!

And in case you’d like to prepare this lovely treat too, here is how…


no-bake individual banoffee pies in a glass - ingredients

We need these ingredients and 2 2-cup glasses or jars.


individual no-bake banoffee pies in a jar - recipe

Here’s all our ingredients nicely gathered, waiting to be turned into a heavenly treat.


individual no-bake banoffee pies recipe

Divide all the ingredients between two glasses/jars evenly…

1. Place the small biscuit chunks into a glass or jar.


individual no-bake banoffee pies recipe

2. Cover the chunks with sliced bananas.


individual no-bake banoffee pies recipe

3. Add the caramel.

If too thick, you might need to dilute it with a little bit of milk.


individual no-bake banoffee pies recipe

4. Whip the cream with the powdered sugar and dollop a few tablespoons on top of the bananas.


individual no-bake banoffee pies recipe

Just like this.


individual no-bake banoffee pies recipe

5. Finally, lay more sliced bananas on top.

6. And garnish with more caramel, chocolate topping and some grated chocolate if desired.


individual no-bake banoffee pies in a jar - recipe

And that’s it. So very simple. So very delicious.

Enjoy, dear friends.


(This heavenly recipe was adapted from Makes 2 2-cup glasses/jars).


Colorful Yarn Giveaway – Winner!

colorful yarn giveaway - winner

Hi friends!

Today I am very happy to announce the winner of the Colorful Yarn Giveaway!

So… the winner is…


random winner

Commenter number 320 – Debora!

Congratulations Debora! You will be contacted via email soon.

Thank you ALL for participating in the contest. You are the best! And stay tuned – there is a new giveaway coming soon.

With love,


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