Frozen Chocolate Covered Banana Bites


I have to admit, this dessert is my new addiction.

A BIG one!

Combining the delicious bananas, flavorful chocolate, dried fruits and nuts, it offers a healthy and satisfying indulgence.

And the best thing about it? This dessert can be frozen so you can have a bite or two whenever you wish.

I just love it!



To make your own Frozen Chocolate Banana Bites, you need these ingredients.

So, so simple.



1. First, slice the bananas.



2. Then break up the chocolate…



… and melt it in your microwave oven.



3. Next, chop the dried fruits and nuts a bit.



4. To make the magic happen, dunk the banana slices in the chocolate.

Using two forks works great here.



5. Place the chocolate covered slices on a cooling rack. Since this is a little messy part, it would be absolutely great if you could place a piece of parchment paper under the rack.



Just like this.



6. Then sprinkle with the chopped fruits and nuts.

7. Finally, place the rack with the banana bites in the fridge to firm up a bit. After about 1/2 hour, using a sharp spatula, transfer the bites on a tray, cover with a plastic wrap and place in the freezer.



Enjoy this deliciousness, dear friends!

And have a very lovely week, too!


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    Oh wow. I think this dessert is sexy!. 🙂

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    chocolate covered banana bites with chopped fruit and nuts. | Cooking Pics says:

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    Ramiro Saucedo says:

    thank you so much!!

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    Yoyo says:

    so good! Thanks for share!

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    Anna says:

    I just absolutely love your page…can hardly wait to make the slippers and the choco-banana bites. God bless you!

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