Picasso Teddy Bear


Let me introduce my new crochet creation to you, …

… this is Picasso Teddy Bear!

I was planning to make it really small and simple at first.

It was supposed to have neither arms nor legs.

But as he was coming to life he kept asking for more.

He even seemed to be very cold, not able to survive without a warm scarf and a cap.

And now I just can’t get rid of the impression that he could be a talented painter and really deserves his own painting brush and a palette …

7 thoughts on “Picasso Teddy Bear

  1. I Love Picasso. He looks really big. How could you think at first that you would make a simple bear with no legs and arms? Luckily you have changed your mind. Keep him safe and give him kiss from me.
    PS. I know you did through a stone on the seagulls. You are very naughty girl.

    • … yeah, I am glad I changed my mind too. Those basic amigurumi toys have no arm or legs. They are funny, they only have a big head and a trunk. I am making a girlfriend for Picasso now…

  2. After I finished a placemat, I really looking forward to make a small teddy bear. Will you post the simple step-by step sometimes 🙂

    • Oh great! Congrats! I am currently working on a crocheted panda and I am writing down the pattern – so I might post that one day. 🙂 Have a wonderful day! Petra

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