Colorful Yarn Giveaway!

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Contest closed. Thank you! Winner has been announced in a separate post!

Hi friends!

Today, I am very happy to announce a new giveaway that I’ve prepared for you!


One lucky reader will win all the colorful yarn shown in the picture. I love to crochet with this cotton yarn and have used it in quite a few of my patterns (like here, here, here, here or here just to name a few).


To enter the giveaway, just let me know which is your FAVORITE HOBBY OR CRAFT in the Comments section of this post.

Mine is crochet, that’s for sure. And I can’t wait to hear what YOU enjoy best!


. One entry per person, please.

Extra entries:

. Facebook (become a fan of ZoomYummy; leave a separate note about it in the Comments section of this post)

. Twitter (follow ZoomYummy; leave a separate note about it in the Comments section of this post)

(So together you can earn three entries.)

This giveaway is open till November 15 and it is open worldwide. The winner will be selected at random and will be announced and contacted shortly after.

Good luck, everybody!


Contest closed. Thank you! Winner has been announced in a separate post!


The Strangest Rule

white yarn, crochet hook and colorful living magazines

(Photography Project 365 – Day 50)

I have noticed a rule. A rule that keeps appearing in my life. Again and again and again… Always!

So I ask… Why is it that no matter how much yarn I have in my stash at home I always miss that one particular color that I ‘need’? The one that is in my favorite yarn store? The store where there’s this lovely mug store on the way there? And a lovely flower shop too? This is what I ask.

Have you observed a similar pattern repeating in your life?

This is strange.


Random Joy – About Yarn, Needles And Angels


I am so thankful that yarn exists on this planet. What would I do without it? I don’t even want to imagine.

Working with yarn always takes me into a different dimension – a calm one where everything is slow, quiet a peaceful… pure heaven.

These are some of my recent yarn-involving, bliss-inducing experiences…



Trying a new colorful pattern for a cowl. This was really relaxing.



For the first time in my life, I knitted with short circular needles.

Oh, and by the way, I really enjoyed this short break from crocheting.

Also, I was quite surprised by how smooth and easy it is to work with this kind of needles. They seem to be just the perfect thing for cowls.



Would you like to hear a little secret of mine? Yes? Well… sometimes, just for fun, I spray the skeins of yarn with a few drops of my favorite perfume.

Have I mentioned other dimensions before? Then this takes you even further…



And now for something completely different. Actually, not that much, really…

I have long been an admirer of famous Icelandic knitting and especially their sweaters. As I found out lately, the sweaters are made using long circular needles.

The result?

I looted the nearest craft shop soon after and left the shop people completely bewildered and needle-less.

We are talking investments here… Investments? It is very important! And I like investing. A lot!



See, this is what I’m talking about!



My new secret project. I am addicted already. You will see the result soon.



And this is the last thing that I wanted to show you today… It was only recently when I learned that angels like to feast on water that has evaporated near a burning candle.

So if there are any angels near me, which I firmly believe there are, I’d just like them to be well fed… I am also a food blogger, after all…

Have a lovely day!

With love,



New Pattern – Sweet Crochet Coasters


We are enjoying a pretty hot summer here in the heart of Europe these days.

Hot summer means cool drinks. And cool drinks mean colorful and sweet coasters.

That’s what I told to myself the other day and enthusiastically started to create a new crochet coaster design – The Sweet Crochet Coasters.




And here’s the result.




I made quite a few.




I like them a lot.

What I probably like the most is how colorful and fresh they look.




I used a scrumptious pure cotton yarn to make them. Working with natural, cooling and colorful yarn is the best thing ever, especially in the summer!




Of course, I’ve put a pattern together for you to enjoy. You can find it and learn more about it in my SHOP.

Enjoy your summer crafting!


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