New Pattern ~ Matilda The Owl


Hi, dear friends!

Lovely to see you here again! I hope you are doing fine!


Today, I am happy to introduce my newest crocheted creation to you – it’s Matilda The Owl!




Oh yes, if you know me for a little while, you’ve probably noticed how much I adore these little creatures called owls and how they hold a very special place in my heart.

There’s something so captivating and cute about them, don’t you think?

Maybe it’s in their eyes, I dunno, but what I know is that I love them to bits.




Anyhow, I had a great fun creating little Matilda. If you’d like to make one (or two, or ten) too, you can find the pattern in MY SHOP. It has a lot of pictures, as usual.

And you know what? Frankly, there’s another project brewing in my mind right now, aaand… I am afraid it will have something to do with the realm of owls too. See? I told you I’m obsessed. I can totally see it – there will definitely be a lot of colors and cuteness involved.

So, off to do some amazing hooky business…

See you soon!


New Pattern ~ Crochet Owl Purse


A new pattern has been born.

This time it’s Crochet Owl Purse!

I have to admit that I have fallen in love with owls completely …and with all big-eyed creatures in general, to tell you the whole truth.

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