Let’s Get The Party Started!

Today I’ve found an interestingly looking envelope in the mail.

Inside the envelope, there was this gorgeous card – a gift from my beloved sister who lives in a faraway land and whom I get to see about every light year.

She’s made it by herself because she is immensely gifted and talented (… and I’m absolutely convinced she is going to have her own fashion line one day).

The reason why I obtained the card might have something to do with my birthday, I think.

All signs seem to be pointing towards that fact.

Especially the date today.

Look, it’s really for me.

How sweet!

I love the way how my sis ends the letters – I always get greetings not only from her, but also from her husband, son, dog, birds and fish.


And I thank you all!

30 is not my age yet.

I am 29 today.


How come?

These balloons were used for my boyfriend’s last year’s 30th birthday party.

Do you think I’m being frugal enough, or do you have any ideas how I could have pushed this any further?

And now let’s party!


Let’s celebrate the last year of being twenty-something…


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