Lovely Handmade Baskets

handmade baskets

I have always been a big fan of crafts and handmade products. They hide so much love and make me truly and utterly happy. I love looking at them, I love studying each and every part of them, I love imagining life stories of people who created them and why they were drawn to this or that particular craft. And most of all, I absolutely marvel at products made by my own people, I mean, my family.

Like, these baskets, they were made by my Grandpa – an avid basket weaver.

I introduced his work to you a couple of years ago. I loved his recent baskets so much that I thought I’d definitely need to share them with you.



handmade baskets


handmade baskets

handmade baskets


handmade baskets


handmade baskets


handmade baskets

I am looking forward to all the future baskets that my Grandpa will give life to. He is a true master!



Baskets Overload

I love baskets.

Luckily, we have a very special person in our family – my Grandaddy.

Not only is he the sweetest, most hardworking and helpful person, but he can also make such wonderful baskets as these.

This is a pot cover.

Isn’t it just wonderful?

I can perfectly imagine using these in the garden.

Gathering apples or nuts will be so great with them.

Just lovely.

My Grandaddy made 84 baskets this winter.

Yes, 84 baskets.

And he proclaimed that he’d had no time to be bored.

No wonder… hm… 84 baskets… he’s my hero.

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