New Pattern ~ Crochet Christmas Owl Ornaments

crochet owl Christmas ornaments pattern

Crochet Christmas ornaments are so much fun to make around the holidays.

Crocheters and crafters surely know how incredibly relaxing and satisfying it is to immerse themselves in their projects.

I do know that feeling and I love it!


And if you are looking for a simple, cute, and lovely project for the upcoming holidays,
then you surely need to make some of these colorful owls.

They have googly eyes.

And they will make you smile.

All in all, they will definitely make your holiday season even more special.

For more information, click this link to get to my shop.


With love,


I Am Thankful For The Wonderful Holiday

I am very thankful for the peaceful Holiday me and my family just had.

I was lucky enough to meet and spend lovely time with all the people that are closest to my heart.

And when I was given this most delicious box of chocolates ever invented my heart started to sing.

Oh, how I wished it had been bottomless.

So I kept trying to find out…

But – what can I say – it was there.

I found it – the bottom.

Nevertheless, I tried to go on and be strong…

And then the New Year arrived.

We all found ourselves contemplating what it would be like.

And that’s when my Mom said: “I like the number, I know it’s going to be very good.”

You know what?

When my Mom says something, it has to be that way.

So I wish you all a wonderful, joyous New Year full of love and prosperity.

May all your dreams come true.

Yaaay, My Sister Has Arrived

… for Christmas from a far away land.

That is a very, very special occasion for us because we – I mean me and my parents – get to see her very rarely. Usually every three or four years.

She arrived with her husband and their lovely son and we have all been having the best time since then.

And, of course, she has brought us many adorable presents.

Otherwise we wouldn’t have let her in!


Since she decided not to use paper for wrapping this year’s presents she created something very special.

Wonderful Christmas sacks.

Just have a look…

Adorable indeed.

She has sewn this beauty on her sewing machine and added a piece of embroidery that she has made by herself too.

And it has been custom made for each of us.

For example this is a sack for my boyfriend because he loves sweets so much.

Oh, one with a cupcake.

Who could that be for?

Who loves to bake?

I have no idea.

Not at all.

The detail of the one for my Mom.

And the one for my Dad.

Dear Adriana, this must have been so much work.

You are amazing.

And this one… who could this one be for?

Somebody who loves dogs very much?


… OR! …

… for a dog itself?

Well, the second possibility is correct.

Because everybody loves our little cute Georgina.

Adriana, my dearest sister – thank you, you are the best!

Merry Christmas!

I wish you all a warm and joy-filled Christmas!



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