My Favorite Holiday Craft

cup and knitting

Although I show all traits of a crochet person throughout the year, I have noticed that there is a different kind of craft that allures me during the holiday season.

It’s knitting.

Sweet knitting.

I don’t really understand why this keeps happening to me, but I can see clearly that each year around Christmas I find myself working enthusiastically on a new knitting project.

Maybe it’s all about the gorgeous sound of needles at work that adds to the delightfulness of holidays and makes this time even more spectacular. Who knows…


Christmas knitting

This year I am working on a special project that is making me very, very happy. I can’t wait to show you the result.

And, by the way, do you have any special craft or hobby that calls your name during the holidays? Do share!

With lots of love,


8 thoughts on “My Favorite Holiday Craft

  1. 1
    zohreh says:

    dear petra ,happy new year to you ,wish you the best in 2015 . at the moment I’m visiting my son in US , I’m having such a good time here . take care . xoxo.zohreh

  2. 2
    Martina Kuklová says:

    Ahoj Petra!
    V Novom roku Ti želám veľa zdravia, šťastia, lásky, pohody. Veľmi sa mi páčia tvoje nové svetríky sú nádherné. Chcem sa spýtať na vlnu z akej si to plietla. Ďakujem Martina

    • 2.1
      zoomyummy says:

      Ahoj Martinka! Jeej, to si ma potesila – aj ja Ti aj celej rodinke zelam vsetko len to najlepsie do Noveho roka. Svetriky som robila s vlnou Red Heart Lisa, kupila som ju na Slovensku, takze by tu mala byt v obchodoch.
      Papa, Petra 🙂

  3. 3
    Lydia says:

    Hello Petra,
    I just came accross your blog and I can’t leave without saying how much I love it!
    You are so inspiring and so fun!
    Finding this blog has seriously made my day.
    Now im off to read more about your fabulous work.

  4. 4
    Alica Vincúrová says:

    Ahoj Petra ! 🙂

    Tvoj blog je skvelý, je tu mnoho inšpirácií a zaujímavostí. Si slovenka ? keď som zbadala tento blog, nikdy by som nepovedala, že je za tým nejaký šikovný slovák 🙂 je to super, len tak ďalej, teší sa z toho a tie svetríky sú nádherné. Mohla by si prezradiť ako si ich plietla ? tá kapuca nám robí trošku problém 😛

    S pozdravom Alica 🙂

  5. 5
    christmas tees says:

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