New Crochet Pattern – Chunky Joy-Joy Scarf

crochet chunky joy-joy scarf

Hi dear friends!

And ta-dah!

I am super excited to present the project that I have been keeping secret up till now! It is another crocheted item that uses the cute and lovely joy-joy circles. I decided to name this one the ‘Chunky Joy-Joy Scarf’ and you can find the pattern here.

If you’ve already purchased my first pattern that uses the joy-joy circles called the ‘Joy-Joy Coasters’, you will surely be able to figure out how this scarf can be made. But if you’d like to know all the details necessary to create the scarf, then I think the pattern that I have put together might come in quite handy. The pattern has 17 pages and includes 36 step-by-step pictures to make the project as easy to follow as possible.


crochet chunky joy-joy scarf

I loved making this scarf. I have to admit that.


crochet chunky joy-joy scarf

It’s a pure therapy. And a lot of joy, of course.



crochet chunky joy-joy scarf

Also, it can be easily turned into an infinity scarf, if you wish to.



crochet chunky joy-joy scarf

I think that the chilly days of autumn and winter will be super enjoyable with a warm scarf like this one. That’s for sure.


With lots of love,


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Joy-Joy Addiction

crochet joy joy pattern

Do you still remember my ‘joy-joy’ pattern from not long ago? And do you remember how addicted it made me? Like totally!

Ever since those magical circles entered my life, my world has been revolving solely around them. And I love it!

Lately I’ve been trying to design a perfect square that has four circles inside. These could make a pretty blanket, I guess. What do you think?


joy joy 2 wm

And also, I am having the sweetest time turning the ‘joy-joy’circles into a ‘jumbo joy-joy’ something that I will have to finish really quick so I can show it to you.


crochet joy joy pattern

I think I’ll be making a pattern for this secret project too. 🙂

Sending you many jumbo joy-joy hugs and kisses!

Your Joy-Joy Petra


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