Petra And The Colorful Company

This is going to be a slightly different post, I admit. Slightly different than all my teddy bear, cooking and traveling madness I usually do.

Anyway, this is what I experienced in the past few days.

And it was fun.

The fact is that I got invited into a printing company to make a few pictures. This has been the first job of this particular kind for me – normally it’s hard to get me out of my house. But it seems that sometimes you just have to go.

The good thing was that the whole project involved taking a lot of pictures – which I love most. And another good thing was that the company is owned by my boyfriend’s sister, so I didn’t feel super stressed out.

Just a little less than that.


There were interesting processes that I needed to concentrate on.

So I did.

Along the way, I really enjoyed learning about the particular machines.


And how this or that was achieved.


But then I saw this.

An embroidery machine.

I had imagined these only existed in heaven.



They work really fast.

And the result is just perfect.



Colorful spools of thread.

This is my life!

So I stared, and stared. And stared some more. Until my boyfriend appeared saying I really needed to proceed.


So he did (remove me).


Then I took some more pictures.

There were a lot of products being printed.

Like T-shirts.






And I wanted them all.

No, I am not greedy.

I am just desiring. Excessively.

No, not really.

Okay, maybe just a little.


Hello pretty lady, where are you going with all my umbrellas?


Yeah, I lost my senses in that company.

But I am all right now.

Time heals everything.


And I am glad I had a chance to practice my photography skills in a completely new field. It’s a good thing to do.

And now, back to cooking and teddy bear making.


Have a wonderful new week, dear friends.

With love,



2 thoughts on “Petra And The Colorful Company

  1. 1
    Rylan Ty says:

    Petra, this sounds fun! I love how your “branched” out of the foodie posts! One of the things I’ve been wanting to do so bad is to start making clothing and silk screening. My partner has been very interested in it and would love to start it soon. But yes, your photography “skillz” on this field is fabulous! Stunning photos as usual! Hope you are well, Petra!

  2. 2
    Dena says:

    Wonderful. I love the photos. My grandfather used to have a textile factory in Manhattan, NY and these photos brought back vivid memories.

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