Send Your Toys For a Vacation

travel agency for toys

Note: Although I’ve already posted this once I’ve decided to do so again since my newly established travel agency for toys needs some more marketing. Please, come and have a look at the gorgeous possibilities we offer for your teddies to enjoy…


My teddy has left for a holiday.

After all, he definitely deserved it – he’s been my sweetheart for such a long time.

You may be asking who he’s traveling with.

Well, it’s my new travel agency that I established recently.

I thought I should really let you know about it since you might be one of those people who would like to send their beloved toys somewhere for a wonderful trip and need that ‘someone‘ to arrange all the necessary details.

Please, feel free to enjoy the pictures from the places my teddy has visited…

First of all, it was Paris – shown in the picture above (he looks so incredibly happy there).

travel agency for toys

Then Egypt – what a wonderful place.

He was joyously excited over there.

The weather was wonderfully hot, there was a  lot of water around and even some camel riding was possible.

travel agency for toys

What a pleasure it is to spend time on a beach.

Maybe your teddy will meet his/her long lost relative there.

travel agency for toys

Is your teddy into adrenaline?

Then why not try white-water rafting?

It’s so stress-relieving.

travel agency for toys

Oh, and this is something for those who are keen on flying.

What a bliss.

travel agency for toys

Your teddy also deserves some scrumptious yet healthy food.


All-in-all, your precious sweetie will be taken care of with the uttermost attention.

Now I’m sure all of your toy friends definitely want to go too.

For more information (or if you have any suggestions), please, contact me in the comment section.

Meanwhile, I am going to put a bit more thinking into the whole project…

6 thoughts on “Send Your Toys For a Vacation

  1. 1
    tofugirl says:

    Does your teddy want to visit NYC? Because there are some good food festivals coming up…:D

    • 1.1
      zoomyummy says:

      Oh, I am sure he’d love to. And he’s not the only one who’d like to go… He’s so much into food, you wouldn’t believe your own eyes how much he can eat! Are you going to visit the NYC food festivals? Are you taking your toy fellas with you? 🙂

      • 1.1.1
        tofugirl says:

        Well I’ll definitely be going to at least one (the Vendy Awards, celebrating street vendors!) but I’m not sure if any of my fuzzy buds will be coming…I’d have to hold their hands and then that would leave me short a hand to hold…more food 😉

        • zoomyummy says:

          😉 All right, but anyhow, take millions of pictures please, because some of us living far, far away from that glistening place called NY would really like to see some real fun! Please!!! 🙂

  2. 2
    Kausambi says:

    So Amelie…

    I am sending my pet plants Loopie and Bent-a-Lot this winter… Switzerland? Grand Canyon?

    Suggestions Suggestions …

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