She’s Gorgeous… Again!

I love my Mom.

Not only for she brought me into this world and has been the best companion ever since.

There’s something more.


For example – you visit her one sunny Sunday morning… and what will you find her working at?

What could that be?

Cooking lunch?

Nah – that had been done already.


No – done too.

Making a sand statue?

Right there, in her back garden?

Yeah, bingo!

Ibiza – that is how she calls her new-born beauty.

Because it was on that very island where she saw people creating similar astonishing sand wonders.

Awesome, Mom!

(Oh, and Daddy, I love you too, that’s for sure.)

One thought on “She’s Gorgeous… Again!

  1. 1
    Adriana says:

    WOW, I never new. It looks weird, like mummified body of some sort. Spooky…
    Typical Mum.
    I like it though.

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