I Have Always Wondered

I have always wondered what a thing like this means – an old rusty pot on a wooden pole.

Have you ever seen it?

Well, you might have, especially if you ever happened to find yourself in the country.

I suppose that a thing like this might be a tad more difficult to spot in Singapore or New York.

But there’s something else that haunts me.

What is it good for?

I remember I used to see this interesting pot-pole combination in some old movies on TV.

There were these old fences made of wooden poles and pots like these were stuck onto their tops.

Were the pots protecting the wood from rain water?

Could be.

I don’t know for sure (not that I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep without this information).

But what I know for sure is that it looks very nice in a picture.

And it absorbs various color shades perfectly, see?

Violet – no problem!

Little bit of graininess, way more contrast with some darkened edges here and there and it’s perfect – just like an old picture.

But still, why – WHY is it there?

3 thoughts on “I Have Always Wondered

  1. 1
    kseverny says:

    i see the shapes of a slightly abstract face here

  2. 2
    4evered says:

    I don’t know what your pot is doing on that fence post, but on our farm, there is always a need for an old pot, or bucket when we least expect to need it. Gardening, picking flowers, weeds to haul away, collecting seeds, even for going to the neatest creek or water hole to get water to wash with, or water a plant with. The uses are endless trust me. I keep small 2 gallon buckets around. They come in handy to cover exhaust pipes on tractors without rain caps, they are used to add water to tractors or trucks when low from using in hot weather. Break a hydraulic line, they catch the oil leaking out. Again the uses are endless. I hope this helps understand why they hang around in odd places. Always remember, if you use it, please make sure it comes back soon for the next needed use.

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