Left Alone In Wonderland

A Wonderland – that’s the most precise word coming to my mind when I want to describe this unbelievable scenery.

A wonderful wonderland.

My heart is singing with joy when I look at this picture.

We were lucky to see all this beauty during our yesterday’s trip – the one of the “let’s-just-go-somewhere” kind.

Me, naturally, being armed with a camera – like a true blogger should always be.

And when I noticed the wonderful scenery emerging in front of our eyes I demanded my boyfriend to stop the car – right there, right then.

Which turned out to be not so smart…

Because no matter how hard my sweet darling was trying to make our car move again – the slippery snow was against him.

So he decided to… to… I wasn’t so sure actually what he decided to do.

All I heard was something like: “Can’t go… must go… down.”

And then I saw this…

And this…

And this.

Bye-bye my lovely sweet red car – you were cozy and warm inside.

Bye and have a nice life… without me!

So there I am standing – alone in the silence.

Silence – except this one strange sound coming from a nearby forest.

The only thought in my head being – was that a bear?

‘Time for some action,’ – I told to myself – ‘let’s suppose my BF is waiting for me somewhere down the hill’.

So down I went…

After a while I see him going up – but, of course, not stopping to pick me up.

What kind of a wicked game are we playing here?


So up I went  – hoping my boyfriend was not punishing me for all the bad stuff I had done to him so far.

Luckily, there’s this special and very precious thing about me that I really love.

It always saves me when I find myself in a stressful situation – which is like every five minutes.

That highly valued thing being my unbelievably short attention span.

It makes the thoughts in my brain change at the speed of light.

Believe me!

So worried or not – there was this wonderful branch that I started to admire.

Which left no more space in my head for anything else.

And then there was this.

Do you see that magical church framed by the branches?


Oh, there he is!

He is the dearest, he would never leave me here.


‘I am HERE’ – I started to scream running up the hill.

‘Wait for MEEEEEE!’

‘Don’t leave me here alone, PLEASE!’

And he did (leave her there).


He picked her up so that they could live happily ever after.

The End.

3 thoughts on “Left Alone In Wonderland

  1. 1
    Adriana says:

    Lovely snowy pictures. Did your boyfriend pick you up, or did you freeze, poor Maruska?

  2. 2
    marina situmorang says:

    lovely pictures…. wow…

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