Annual Fall Market – Yay!


I love this market!

It takes place every year during fall.

Many, many craftsmen gather to present their mastery.

I especially love gingerbread cookies, things made of wood and ceramics and the fresh chilly air filled with friendship and joy.

And mulled wine of course (a great friendly atmosphere enhancer)!

I have made some pictures for you to enjoy…


Great natural kitchen tools made of wood.


Loads of gingerbread and various sweets!

I want to have it ALL!


Are you very hungry?


Yaaay, dolls!

They look amazing.


“I am taking this and that and that little think over there and this, please!”


Cute pots and…


… six zillion mugs with every possible name on them.


I tasted one of these and it was delicious!


Bling wonderland!


These are scary-machine lovers in full swing.


Lovely dried fruits.

Yummy… , my favorite!


Turkish Delight and lollipops.


Little loveys made of marzipan.

They look adorable.


Teeny tiny rolling pins.


And more lollipops… .


Another scary looking machine.

The people in there were up-side-down at that very moment.

You should have heard that screaming!

But I am sure you can imagine that.


Every possible thing made of wood here.


Then these monkeys (after some kissing and hugging with each other) waved goodbye to me and I knew it was time to go home.

What a wonderful time that was, I am sure I’m coming next year again.

5 thoughts on “Annual Fall Market – Yay!

  1. 1
    Adriana says:

    It makes me so emotional and homesick looking at those pictures. I wish I was there, I would buy gingerbreads, plenty blinkers, big wooden spoon, Hello Kitty lollipop a much much more. And would go on that huge monster thing with the lollipop in my mouth.
    Gaby and I backed the “cat’s eyes” today. They came really nice but the shapes were bit out of order. It looks more like a “cat’s bums” but we are proud. We also made a photo. We show you later.

    • 1.1
      zoomyummy says:

      Yeah, that’s too bad you’re not here. I am glad that you made the cookies! Send me the pictures as soon as possible, I want to see them. They are surely lovely!

  2. 2
    lou says:

    Where is the market? country? city?

  3. 3
    JimB says:

    Hey, the festival looks like fun – like the Christmas markets in Germany, how wonderful. The photo of the cheese is my fav
    Bottoms up with the mulled wine!

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