Lost For Eight Hours

These are pictures of my favorite places around where we live now.

We set off at noon. The day was so warm and beautiful. You could literally get drunk of that sweet heady atmosphere.

lost for eight hours I

My boyfriend’s made this picture of me.

He calls it “Petra worshiping the Tree”.

Well, although it is partially true, I was mostly giving in to my “macro mania”.

lost for eight hours II

… and the result.

I love it!

lost for eight hours III

I’ve found this on a Sweet briar tree. I wonder what that is… . Ideas?

lost for eight hours VII

If it weren’t for this town there wouldn’t be me. Do you wonder why?

Well, my parents got to know each other there.


There’s no wonder I love it so much.

And on the top of that it is a truly fairytale town, one that time stands still in, these buildings are really old, no modern architecture has been allowed since long time ago, only reconstructions may take place.

So amazing.

One of the UNESCO Heritage towns.

lost for eight hours VIII

Another sneak peek …

lost for eight hours IX

Another impressive place for me. This is a gate of the high school that my Dad used to attend.

And those were wild years, I am telling you!
(Those birds seem to be puking, right?)

lost for eight hours XI

Such a lovely flower, isn’t it?

It was standing there alone, no other flowers around. It looks just gorgeous against the blue sky.

The King of the Hill.

lost for eight hours XIII

This sight evokes freedom in my mind… .

Such a wide free space.

7 thoughts on “Lost For Eight Hours

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    Fantastic photos -what country is this?

  2. 2
    Beltane Witch says:

    Amazing photos! And since we’re almost neighbours (I’m Serbian), now I really have the incentive to visit this beautiful country 🙂 Btw, I just stumbled across your blog today and I love it! There’s a whole bunch of recipes I’m planning to try 😉

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