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I hope you are having a day that’s making you happy, dear friends.

Mine has been filled with some good read, a walk in the sun and a lot of yummy tea so far. Just having a good time.

freesia and a cup of tea

Sending you lots of love,


New Felt & Crochet Happy Picture

framed crochet and felt picture

I am very happy to say that I finished my new spring welcoming picture today.

It has crocheted birds, it has a tree in bloom, it has a happy flower and it has a few bugs too.

What I actually did is that I combined everything colorful that I could find at home (my crocheted birds, my crocheted flower, bug pins, felt, a few sequins and some artificial decorative grass). I just put all those things together in an enthusiastic and rather frantic way :). There was sewing, gluing, pinning and a lot of enjoying involved.

And that frame? It is a very cheap thing from Ikea called Nyttja. They have them in many colors.

I like my new picture a lot, I have to admit. It just brightens up the whole room and puts a smile on my face each time I look at it.

I wish you a nice and colorful day!


Crocheting With Twine


I bought a magazine the other day.

But wait, even though this fact alone could get us carried away, there’s a little more to this story.

The  magazine uses a language that I do not speak. It’s German.

Each time I do something strange like this – like buying a magazine that I cannot really read – I call it an investment. This time I could call it an investment into the future possibility of learning a few words of a new language.

Sounds passable, right?

Anyhow, the real reason why I bought it were its amazing photographs and gorgeous crafty ideas.

When leafing through its luscious pages, an interesting idea caught my eye – working with twine… I mean… WORKING WITH TWINE!

How awesome is that?

Very awesome, I would say.

(… oh, and in case you wondered, the magazine is called Landhaus Living).




Feeling beyond inspired, I bought myself a super-simple ball of jute twine and started doing what I love most – crocheting. I followed my latest pattern and made a few rosettes (it is the flower number ten of my Big Flower Party pattern).




It’s one of my very favorite crocheted creations.

It looks delicious in twine, don’t you think?




I continued to make a few more rosettes and I joined them to make a garland.

I love flower garlands. A lot!




Twine makes the flowers look so natural, pure and simple.




And the story did not end there, no-no.

I continued to make a few more flowers (these come from the Big Flower Party pattern too).




And then I made a crocheted box with a rosette on top (you can find the pattern for the box here).




For some reason, the twine looks very romantic to me.

Or is it just me who sees it this way?




I am already thinking of other projects that would work great with this material.

And what about you – do you like twine as a crafting material? Do you have any twine projects that you’d like to share? Do tell!

Petra, The Twine Twister


New Pattern – Big Crochet Flower Party


Finally, after more than two weeks of blissful playing with heaps and heaps of colorful crochet flowers – after all the designing, pattern-writing, picture taking, photo editing and finally deleting all the crucial pictures this morning (I blame the coffee), after one nervous breakdown, a Mars bar remedy and recovering most of the pictures later, here I am with the new pattern.

It’s all about FLOWERS.




I’ve named it BIG FLOWER PARTY because this jumbo pattern contains individual patterns for
10 colorful crochet flowers as well as a pattern for a cute crochet mini bunting.

Just imagine all the projects and possibilities these decorations offer. I already have two on my mind… I  will definitely show them to you later…




It was a blast creating all these ornaments, I have to say.




Pure crochet heaven.




To find more details about the pattern (like, for example, that it has no less than 97 step-by-step pictures) you are welcome to visit my SHOP.




Let the party begin!

With love,