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New Pattern – Crochet Flower Rug

crochet pattern - flower rug

Do you remember the flower madness that I showed you a couple of days ago?

That madness, it actually was my big plan to create a rug. A circular area rug with lots of flowers in it.

After a lot of crocheting, tweaking, unraveling and crocheting again, I am happy to present my newest design to you – I named it the Crochet Flower Rug!

And of course, there is a pattern. As usual, it is packed full of pictures to help you with your crafting process. This time, there’s 46 of them!


crochet pattern - flower rug

crochet pattern - flower rug

crochet pattern - flower rug

crochet pattern - flower rug

I hope you will find this project useful and will decorate your home or office with it. It will sure bring a bit of ‘romantic’ into your space.


With love,


New Pattern – Colorful Crochet Flower

colorful crochet flower pattern

Hi friends!

I have a new crochet project for you today!

A Colorful Crochet Flower!!!

I designed it with nothing but summer on my mind.

As a result, the project turned out really easy and cheerful. Rather moreish, if I might describe a crochet project this way… That word came to my mind just because after you finish one crochet flower you will most probably want to make another one. And then one more. At least my experience definitely was like that. I am working as a busy bee to make enough flowers for a garland, a vertical hanging decor for a wall and a few flowers to be used as cushion appliques. And maybe one for a purse too. Pure joy!

If you like this project and would like to crochet these flowers too, then you can find the pattern and all the details in my shop. The pattern includes 37 step-by-step pictures to help you along the way and turn the project into a really fun and easy activity.


colorful crochet flower pattern

colorful crochet flower pattern

colorful crochet flower pattern

Thank you for visiting my shop!

Happy crocheting!

And cheers to summer!

With love,




I hope you are having a day that’s making you happy, dear friends.

Mine has been filled with some good read, a walk in the sun and a lot of yummy tea so far. Just having a good time.

freesia and a cup of tea

Sending you lots of love,


New Felt & Crochet Happy Picture

framed crochet and felt picture

I am very happy to say that I finished my new spring welcoming picture today.

It has crocheted birds, it has a tree in bloom, it has a happy flower and it has a few bugs too.

What I actually did is that I combined everything colorful that I could find at home (my crocheted birds, my crocheted flower, bug pins, felt, a few sequins and some artificial decorative grass). I just put all those things together in an enthusiastic and rather frantic way :). There was sewing, gluing, pinning and a lot of enjoying involved.

And that frame? It is a very cheap thing from Ikea called Nyttja. They have them in many colors.

I like my new picture a lot, I have to admit. It just brightens up the whole room and puts a smile on my face each time I look at it.

I wish you a nice and colorful day!


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