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Random Joy (A Very Colorful Edition)

colorful glass flower beads for crafting

Crafting is my love and joy and a few lovely and colorful things of crafty kind have made me really happy recently. I love those phases of my creative process where I gather cute little things and let them inspire me. Ahh, pure joy! And the joy gets even bigger if I can share those little thingies with you…



I enjoy using my new colorful flower beads. They are already playing an important prettifying role in my new crochet project (psst, more on that in my later post).


crochet presentation in ikea frame filled with burlap fabric

I also enjoy my new Ikea frame that I have adjusted a little and use it as a presentation board for my crochet ornaments.


colorful sequins

I enjoy these colorful sequins. Christmas projects, here I come!


colorful heart beads

And these heart beads – them and me, that is true love.


wooden sticks heart and star

I have yet to find a way how to use these wooden sticks (any ideas?). But aren’t they just adorable?


colorful ribbons

And these ribbons. A colorful ribbon is a girl’s best friend… is what I say.


owl notebook with owl pen

I really love my new owl notebook too. Oh, and it came with an owl pen. Ahh, my heart is happy.


heart punch

Thanks for letting me share my little joys, dear friends! I appreciate it!

Wishing you a nice day!



Lovely Handmade Baskets

handmade baskets

I have always been a big fan of crafts and handmade products. They hide so much love and make me truly and utterly happy. I love looking at them, I love studying each and every part of them, I love imagining life stories of people who created them and why they were drawn to this or that particular craft. And most of all, I absolutely marvel at products made by my own people, I mean, my family.

Like, these baskets, they were made by my Grandpa – an avid basket weaver.

I introduced his work to you a couple of years ago. I loved his recent baskets so much that I thought I’d definitely need to share them with you.



handmade baskets


handmade baskets

handmade baskets


handmade baskets


handmade baskets


handmade baskets

I am looking forward to all the future baskets that my Grandpa will give life to. He is a true master!



Some Cute Sweaters My Mom Knitted

cute knitted sweaters and vests

Earlier this week I went to visit my parents after a couple of months.

When a visit like this takes place, me and my Mom always share the results of our current crafting adventures with each other. Thanks to this happy tradition I was allowed to see the knitted sweaters and vests that my Mom managed to finish during the months of this past winter. I have to admit, that sight left me in a state of complete amazement for quite a while… there were so many items and they were so… well… beauuutiful!

To make her sweaters, Mom almost never uses patterns and her knitted or crocheted products are usually the result of her own imagination.

Would you like to see these beauties in some more detail? Well, I will be happy to show them to you then… 

green knitted sweater

I love this color.


black and orange long knitted vest

Mom fell in love with vests like this one.


black and orange long knitted vest neck detail

Oh, how I love all these details. They are truly fascinating to me. I could study her work for hours.


white long knitted vest front side

As far as I can remember, Mom has been really great with various pattern and shape combinations.

white long knitted vest back side

The back parts of her sweaters tell their own stories. They usually look more or less different from the front parts.


purple long knitted vest

Ah, magnificent!


purple long knitted vest back side

And again, the back side of the vest shown above.


pink long knitted vest

I like this one too. It looks so comfy.

white long knitted vest with pockets

And this I call a masterpiece. It took me quite some time to figure out how it had been done.


white long knitted vest with pockets back side

The back side – just wonderful, in my humble opinion.


stirped pink grey and white long knitted vest

And this is the last one I snapped. Just waiting to be finished. Love the choice of yarn. My Dad chose it, as I’ve heard… great job, Dad :).

I hope you enjoyed this little presentation. I myself am looking forward to many more knitted and crocheted items from my beloved Mom!

With love,
Petra and Gitka


Mini Crochet Slippers…and a free pattern too


If these fit you, you shall be my wife.



In other words, I really adore the comment sections below my posts. Often they are a source of very interesting ideas.

Like, for example, there’s this Crochet Slippers Tutorial that I once wrote. And just recently I noticed my friend Drora suggesting that it could be fun to turn those slippers into miniatures.

I fell in love with that idea instantly.



And this is what I made.



Tiny and cute, if I may say so myself.



I thought the mini slippers would look lovely as Christmas ornaments too.



Hm, what do you think?



As I mentioned, I used my Crochet Slippers Pattern to make them. The original pattern only needed a little bit of tweaking and simplifying.

If you’d like to give this tiny little project a try too, then I hope this pattern for mini slippers will be helpful. The pattern uses US crochet terms. I used lace weight yarn and A/0 (2mm) hook…

Round 1: magic ring – ch 1, 6 sc

Round 2: work in spiral, do not join rounds with slip stitches, mark first stitch of each round…
2 sc in first stitch of previous round,
2 sc in all following stitches,
[stitch count: 12]

Round 3: 2 sc in first stitch of previous round,
1 sc in following stitch,

*2 sc in following stitch,
1 sc in following stitch*,

repeat *…* all around,
[stitch count: 18]

Round 4: 1 sc in each stitch [stitch count: 18]

Rounds 5-7: repeat Round 4 [stitch count: 18]

Row 8: 1 Sl stitch in following stitch,
ch 1,
1 sc in 13 following stitches
[stitch count: 14]

Row 9: ch 1, turn,
1 sc in first stitch,
1 sc in all following stitches
[stitch count: 14]

Rows 10-17: repeat Round 9 [stitch count: 14]

Fold the last row in half with the wrong side of the slipper facing out and join the two halves together with slip stitches. Finish off and weave in the ends.

To create a border, attach a yarn of different color to the slipper opening and crochet a single crochet stitch into each stitch all along the opening. Finish off and weave in the ends.

Also, you can use a fabric stiffener to make your mini slippers look neater. I did do that.



My collection of crocheted ornaments for this year’s Christmas tree seems to be slowly coming together. There are more of colorful little decorations to come, so stay tuned.

Have a very lovely week, dear friends!


(If you’d like to see more of my crochet patterns, you can find them here. Enjoy!)