Always Amazed

wood carving

Every time I visit my parents’ house I become completely and utterly amazed at my Mom’s new hand carved wood creations. The same pattern repeated itself during my last visit. Mom, you are incredibly inspiring. Simply gorgeous!


wood carving

hand carved wood sculptures

Thank you for letting me share!

I am wishing everyone a great and inspiring week!



Mom’s New Art

wooden statue

As I might have mentioned before, a visit to my parents’ garden is always a breathtaking experience for me. During my last stroll there I pointed the camera at some pieces of Mom’s new art. She’s been very much into wood carving and painting lately and I am very excited to show you some of her recent work…


wooden statue


wooden carved statue


wooden statue woman


wood carving



Thank you for letting me share, Mom! You are amazing!!


My Mom’s Magical Garden Sneak Peek

My Mom is a hugely inspirational person. She is an avid gardener, talented painter and the best Mom. I love her very much.

It is so much fun to be around her.

There are loads of wonderful stories about her I could share and I surely will.

Today I just took a sneak peak into her gorgeous flower garden. More pics of her exceptional magic powers coming later…

my mom's magical garden sneak peak V

These smell really sweet, they lift my spirits indeed.

And yes, you are right, that is a rabbit in the back. Though Mom wanted to keep her garden for the flowers only, it is slowly transforming into a fairy land, which I absolutely adore.

my mom's magical garden sneak peak I

Very romantic flowers.

my mom's magical garden sneak peak II

… “in da groove”.

my mom's magical garden sneak peak III

… “feelin’ funky”.

my mom's magical garden IV

… “go, bradaz, go”.

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