Gummy Bear and Sprite Popsicles

gummy bear and sprite popsicles

These are one of the most unusual popsicles I have ever made or tasted. That much I have to admit. But they are delicious too. And beyond simple to make…


sprite and gummy bears popsicles

All you basically need to do is to drop about 5-7 gummy bears in each of your popsicle molds, fill the molds with sprite, place a popsicle stick into each mold and freeze all the way through (I recommend overnight).

So easy!


gummy bear and sprite popsicles

Isn’t it fun?

Enjoy this happy summer treat!

With love,


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14 thoughts on “Gummy Bear and Sprite Popsicles

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  5. Gummy bears were hard and tough to chew and the sprite liquefied too fast considering the bears were now hard and when you bit down into it it was pulled out and separated the whole thing. porch was covered in sticky soda and hard gummy bears til they softened up in the sun then they were just sticky gummy bears on my porch… Cute but I don’t recommend this. Uh yeah kids had fun making them but that took 5minutes and then waiting overnight so excited about their gummy bear sprite pops. And not one of 4children ate a whole one. Bite break drop…

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