Brown Slippers

crochet slippers pattern

(Update: To see more of my patterns, please visit my ONLINE SHOP!)


I’ve just finished making these slippers.

Making crocheted slippers is my addiction.

Huge addiction.

One of the best things in life.


crochet slippers pattern

They are super cozy.

And super warm.


crochet slippers pattern

What I also like is this little detail.

Actually, I am preparing a tutorial on how to make a cute little thing like this.

So stay tuned.

(Update: You can find the TUTORIAL here!)


crochet slippers pattern

Oh, and there are more slippers like these to come.

I have about 100 spare balls of yarn to use.


(Update: To see more of my patterns, please visit my ONLINE SHOP!)


43 thoughts on “Brown Slippers

  1. If you remember, on numerous occasions I took the liberty of expressing my eternal infatuation with your blog and your culinary and photo creations.

    This post, however, hits your blog out of the park. True: I enjoy cooking and eating delicious food. Looking at it via gorgeous pictures never hurts, either. But if you ever wondered off to my blog you know that my true passion lies with making stuff. Just like these amazing slippers.

    Oh, how sweet it is to be falling in love over and over again.

  2. Your slippers are so cute…and you have cute feet too!
    I’m afraid that I neither crochet nor have cute feet.

    I wish I could. I can bake a thing or two but crochet is just too impossible.

    I actually design jewellery for a living and can string a mean strand of pearls but crochet is way too hard.

    I have always envied how people can turn a ball of yarn or two into something wonderful.

    You’re really all that, Petra. A gal who can cook, shoot and crochet.

    Love your blog

  3. Hi,
    Those slippers look so beautiful. Is it possible to learn to crochet them even if you don’t know how to crochet but
    want to learn.
    My daughter Serah wants to learn to crochet and I think she
    would just flip for your slippers. Maybe she can make a pair
    for me too. Do you take orders. I live in India. Are they very

    • Hi Roda!

      Yes, I think it is possible. I am preparing a tutorial where you’ll learn everything.

      Oh, unfortunately I do not sell what I make at the moment. But maybe in future I’ll open an online shop, who knows.


  4. Super adorable slippers. I hope to have January filled with crochet and knitting.This pattern definitely going on my list. And I love your blog, so much inspiration 🙂

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  6. The pictures & instructions are so clear to understand! Perfect tutorial! My 4 year old wants me to make him “fuzzy” shoes (crochet shoes) so here we go! Thank you-great work!

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