Ice Shot Glasses


I really am experimenting with ice these days.

And I love it!

My freezer is a source of fun, joy and so needed cool refreshment these days.

First I made the Colorful Ice Cubes (you can check out the lovely cuties here).

And because I usually have a hard time letting go of things, I just knew I have to give the freezer a new job of some kind.

The other day I stumbled upon this strange looking thing in a shop.

After I surveyed it for awhile, I thought to myself with rising excitement:

Hm. What could this be…?




To my horror I found out I had said the last two words out loud and rather loudly.

The embarrassment!

Subsequently, I tried my best to look invisible to a couple of shoppers who were eying me up and down, threw the thing into the shopping basket and headed to the counter at sonic speed.

In spite of the embarrassment, I felt like I was the happiest person on the planet … because what I found were ICE SHOT GLASSES MOLDS!

I hadn’t even known they existed!

A very special note: If you’d like to have molds like these then check out this colorful GIVEAWAY!

Anyway, as soon as I came home a craze began.

I gathered two sprigs of my beloved, new planted mint

…some sugar heart decorations…

…and some sugar rice decorations too.

I threw all the stuff into the molds.

Filled the molds with water.

And stuck this magical, interior-creating thing in.

Then I popped the molds into the freezer.

After a couple of hours I got this.

The coolest shot glasses ever.


I got so amazed by these cuties that my fantasy started running wild:

What if I filled the molds with fruit juice?

Or jello?

Or melted chocolate?

The possibilities are endless.

I can’t wait to give all these ideas a try…

27 thoughts on “Ice Shot Glasses

  1. I love your technical jargon: “And stuck this magical interior-creating thing in.”

    These are beautiful. Of course if you added some food coloring in each one you could have colored ice shot glasses!

    These are great! And you are so right in the fact that the possibilities are endless, already my mind is whirling with ideas!

  2. I love making ice shot glasses too! My molds are like a one piece silicone deal. Some combos I’ve made are sake served in coconut water shot glasses and lavender honey prosecco lemonade served in lemon lavender flower shot glasses. It is fun stuff!

  3. Your ice shot glasses look amazing, as you say the possibilities are endless.

    I’ve never heard of these either, what a brilliant invention.

  4. These are the coolest things ever! I love being really creative in the kitchen and I bet these would hold their shape long after you’d finished the shot since they look like they are thick(ish). An ice cold shot inside would keep them cold anyway. Wow, I want some!! x 😀

  5. I purchased 2, 4 shot ice molds yesterday at a local dollar store called Dollar Zone for 1.00 each….can not wait to try them out at my daughters 22nd birthday party friday night!!!!! These things excite me!!!! LoL

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  7. The trays she posted pics of can be bought at a store called spencers i just bought a set for a party im having it come with a tray that lets you make 12 at a time. Just made my first four an it works great but read the instructions first so u don’t break the tray trying to get them out.

  8. I just stumbled upon your site this morning and am having so much fun exploring it. My 3 favorite loves all in one blog! Thank you!

    As far as the shot glass doohickey goes, I didn’t know these existed either. Thanks for the fun idea! FYI–five of the pics aren’t showing up (the 5 just above the bottom pic). Thought you should know.

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