Simple Pleasures

crochet purse

Hi friends!

I hope you are doing fine…

Here are a few things that have made me happy recently…

Like the purse above. I actually did not plan to make it, all I did was starting a color sampler for my next project (a crochet hobo bag, hopefully). But somehow, round by round, this purse was born. It turns out that I like it a lot. It could find its use as a tablet cozy. Or just a cute little purse carried on summer evenings, perhaps.


white knit cable baby blanket

I finally finished the Cable Baby Blanket. I learned how to knit cables when I was about 10 years old and it has remained my favorite knitting pattern up to this day.


white knit cable baby blanket

I am glad that the blanket ended up being a good size for a crib or a car seat.

Oh, and I am still trying to decide whether I should put together patterns for the stripey crochet purse and the blanket. I wonder whether you’d appreciate the patterns or if it’s all just too easy for most of you to figure out just by looking at those projects… hmm.


white knit cable blanket, a book, a mug with milk coffee, an apple and knitting needles on a table

This book!

I actually felt like reading a book on the history of photography for quite some time. Luckily, I happened to stumble upon it in a bookstore while I was looking for a diary last month. It looked like it was waiting there just for me – not too big, not too elaborate, just a nice relaxing evening read. I hope it brings some good knowledge and inspiration into my life. So far, I love it (… and it will probably be a quick read, having mainly pictures in it, just the kind of reading I like, haha!).



These buttons. They are HUGE! And cute too. I adooore them. They might become a part of one of my future projects. 🙂


pink heart mug

And last but not least, this mug that I ‘somehow’ managed to sneak into almost every picture of this post. It’s a new member of my beloved mug collection and I AM SMITTEN. I love me some hearts. And I love me some hearts on my mugs even more. There will never be enough mugs in my life, that’s one of very few things I am completely sure of. 🙂

Is there anything that’s made you happy recently? Please do share if you feel like it… 🙂


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