How to Revive a Wood Cutting Board

This is my new cutting board.

I bought it some month ago because I loved its color and thought it would perfectly work in my photography.

To my astonishment, it came with instructions.

Hey, I thought, INSTRUCTIONS?


With a wood cutting board?

Come on, don’t be ridiculous.

Just as I was about to throw it away I got an idea: What if… WHAT IF there is something I should have been doing for my cutting boards all that time, and I haven’t, and they’ve been suffering?

What if my life has been one huge mistake?

And then, my cutting boards are all white and faded,  probably from the water I use to rinse them with.

So I read the instructions.

And they were utterly earth-shaking.

They told me to use vegetable oil and pour it onto the surface of the cutting board.

Just some normal, usual kitchen vegetable oil.

And I liked the idea – it somehow goes together well – the wood and the oil – such a cute and natural couple.

I applied the oil onto the wood using a kitchen towel, allowing the oil to soak in.

It was really easy and I could immediately see the difference.

Now I can see how the wood must have been craving this treatment – it looked visibly relieved.

After you’ve treated the whole cutting board to this wonderful spa procedure, you are supposed to wait for about six hours and then, using another kitchen towel, remove the excess oil that did not soak in.

So easy and gorgeous.

Sometimes it really pays off to read instructions.

They might be totally life-changing, or ‘wood-cutting-board-life’ changing.

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