Is That An Illness?

I’ve had a wonderful time today – reading my favorite book for most of the day.

I love reading but – BUT! – I might just not be a usual reader.

Because I don’t like reading books… I love reading ONE book.

Over and over, again and again.

The book being called ‘Catch 22’.

I love its structure and humor and I love how it shows you the most important and very serious things through its witty irony.

Not only it is my favorite book, it’s also my precious textbook – I learn and laugh so much each time I read it.

Do you think it is an illness to read one book again and again?

Or is that an obsession?

Does it have a name?

Should I be called a mono-booko-holic?

Or a ‘pathologically loyal reader?

And can that be treated?

I really would like to know…

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