Garden Faces

I am sending you my warmest greetings from my Mom’s garden.

Yes…I am still here…house sitting for my parents…and it seems that it will last some more days.

If you wondered what I am actually doing here then I’d like to let you know that I am relaxing and enjoying every single minute of these days.

It’s so lovely and calm here.

Actually, it’s kind of a vacation for me – a couple of days being spent off my usual routine.

Yes, most of the time I look like this.

Then, when I feel like doing something more productive, I grab my camera and find myself a project to shoot and to show you.

This time I’ve decided to chronicle my Mom’s new addiction – recently she’s been really fond of acquiring various creatures with eyes for her garden.

And I love it.

Well, I’m her daughter.

I remember the times when my Mom used to say she never wanted to have things like these in her garden.


But then, one special day, someone gave her one of these guys sand I suppose it pushed some major button in her brain that she didn’t even know existed and things started to happen really fast…

Every time I come to visit I find two or three new pieces of this rapidly growing collection.

Today I’ve found out that of all the animals or creatures frogs are most frequent here.

With mushrooms being a close second.

And snails – there’s a lot of those, too.

Look, another one.

Oh, I really love the attitude of the carried frendo.

Who knows where they’re going.

And this mole – he seems to be pretty pleased by having the opportunity to live in this garden as well.

Another pair of mushrooms.

They have already grown perfectly into this environment.

Mama frog and a baby frog.


Don’t get scared.

It’s just a tree.

An old and smart tree.

It gives lectures every other day.

I sit and listen.

Dad likes to know everything about the weather by just looking out of the window.

Thanks to this helpful and colorful buddy, the direction of wind is clear.

I am completely in love with this little one.

He’s just lovable.

It’s clear – Mom adores frogs.

Don’t they look like real ones?

In fact, I gave my Mom this present and she loved it.

At least she said so…

Well, dear friends, I hope you enjoyed this crazy, head-spinning tour.

And of course, there’s more colorful and lovely stuff coming soon.

With love,


Terrific Moving Tips

Okay, I have a little secret to share.

Since it seems pretty sure now, I can officially say that we are moving. We’ve just sold our flat where we’ve spent almost five years and decided to head for another town and for some new life experiences.

And you know what?

I am all happy about it (AHAI).

Do you like my new abbreviation?

I guess it’s gonna go viral!

Yeah, being humble is one of my biggest strengths.

Anyway, I’ve been AHAI for the past few days. Okay, my consumption of chocolate bars might have tripled and I might have been trembling with fear here and there (okay, it looks more like random spasms), but all in all, I see this as a great experience and an open road to new opportunities.

Change is good.

At least, they say so (TSS).

As a true blogger I also thought that I’d definitely share my moving experiences with you. You know, the little tricks on how to do things better and more effectively. Like how to get those twenty pairs of shoes into one box or that you should establish an ‘open me first box’ that will contain loads of chocolate bars and a bottle of vodka.

I was planning all that feverishly only to find out that my fate has something way better prepared for me.

My fate and my guiding angels are so kind that they sent my parents for a holiday at the exact same time when our packing needs to be done…leaving their dog and canary and zillions of plants to be taken care of by their sweet daughter…which is me, of course.

My parents know nothing about the fact that we are moving, we just didn’t want to spoil their holiday.

So here I am, packing my necessary cooking stuff (because, you know guys, I will bring you new cooking posts at any conditions, nothing is going to stop me in that) and leaving for my parents’ house delegating all the moving onto my beloved boyfriend.

Girls, it’s all about delegation.

That is the only thing that really matters.


And my boyfriend?

Well, he’s doing fine… he’s munching on a chocolate bar and is AHAI. But don’t worry about him – he’ll be given very precise phone instructions.

See you soon, dear friends.

(P.S. Mom’s kitchen stuff is awesome!)

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