Crochet Flower Necklace

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Some of you might have noticed my deep love for crocheting.

Some of you might have not.

But then you are probably here for the first time. So HELLO and WELCOME! Hugs and kisses all around, from me to you. Hugs and kisses to everyone who ever comes here! You are the best readers ever!

Well, yes, I just can’t hide it, crocheting is my huge passion, it’s one of my greatest hobbies. It’s been like that for the past 20 years, yeah, since I was one or so (or maybe slightly older, but just slightly). I love to crochet because it is relaxing, it is therapeutic, it is beautiful, AND – which is very important – it perfectly justifies the fact that I watch so much TV. Because I crochet while I watch TV. So I am productive. Which means that watching TV under these circumstances is perfectly all right, right?

I guess I’m right.

Since it’s summer, and flowers and necklaces are a must, I’ve put these facts together and created a necklace that celebrates this lovely time of year. You can see the necklace in the picture above. Actually, I like that necklace so much that I’ve decided to prepare a pattern for those of you who’d like to create it yourself. So stay tuned, it’s coming soon.

And the necklace, I am placing that one into my shop. You can have a look if you are interested.

Well, that seems like all I wanted to tell you today.

Have a wonderful week.

See you soon.

With love,

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