Aaaand I Did It Again (… Painting Furniture With Chalk Paint)

painting furniture with chalk paint

Hi friends!

Yes, my project of pouring more color into our home continues. And, as promised, I did it again – I could not resist and gave the chalk paint another job to do. This time, I laid my eyes on the TV unit in our living room.


painting furniture with chalk paint

This is what the TV unit looked like originally. It is Ikea’s BESTÅ.


painting furniture with chalk paint

Here’s what I used: one 230-ml jar of country blue Dekor Paint Soft (chalk paint) from Paintart, two 230-ml jars of vintage brown Dekor Paint Soft (chalk paint) from Pentart, a brush, a fine sanding block and finally, after some reconsideration, I replaced the wax (shown in the picture) and decided to give varnish one more try (I was a little hesitant after my not so happy experience from the previous project, where the varnish contained lumps and I did not really know what I should think about that). The new varnish I used was a transparent matte acrylic varnish for wood called Sportakryl from Balakryl and it worked like a charm, phewww.


painting furniture with chalk paint

As in my previous chalk paint project, I went for this fun shabby look, where you first paint your furniture one color (I first applied two layers of brown) and then paint with a different color (I used one layer of country blue).


painting furniture with chalk paint

When all paint is nice and dry, you then use a fine sanding block to distress the top coat of paint here and there, mostly on the edges where the natural wear would appear.


painting furniture with chalk paint

Finally a layer of varnish is applied and that’s it. So easy. So much fun.


painting furniture with chalk paint

Although I am aware that this look might not be for everyone, I just can’t get enough of it. For me, it produces very unique pieces of furniture that look straight out of a fairy tale. Love it so much!

Thanks for letting me share.

With love,

Petra xoxo


Painting Furniture With Chalk Paint

renovating furniture with chalk paint

Hello everybody? How are you doing this very fine day?

Today I am excited to share with you a few words about painting with chalk paint.

First of all, chalk paint is GORGEOUS!

I have been toying with the idea of using this kind of paint for for quite some time. The internet is just flooded with beautiful chalk paint projects. When I stumbled across a chalk paint video tutorial one day and realized that applying this kind of paint is actually BEYOND EASY, I just knew this needed to be done.


renovating furniture with chalk paint

So, what is chalk paint then, you might ask… It is a kind of paint mostly used for furniture refinishing to give it that beautiful, aged, rustic, dreamy, milky, matte, slightly distressed appearance which is often used to create a Shabby Chic look.

Chalk paint can pride itself by adhering to almost any surface (no priming or sending necessary), it is extremely easy to apply, it dries very quickly (like 20 minutes quickly), it can be applied as a thin wash or in thicker layers, it is non toxic and is easily distressed.

Perfect, right?


renovating furniture with chalk paint

So, being eager to give this paint a try, I scoured our flat for the right item and found a victim.

This chest of drawers.

We bought this chest a couple of years ago for our son (well, actually, my husband bought it while I was still in the hospital with the little one after he was born). Although I really liked the shape of this piece of furniture, I never was a big fan of the image (dear teddy, I have nothing against you, I just never really understood why is your star inverted, that’s no bueno, nah-uh).


renovating furniture with chalk paint

When choosing the color, I actually had a few choices in my mind – pink, yellow and turquoise. Since this chest will have its place in the bedroom where the color scheme is golden, pink and purple mostly, I thought that this nice fuchsia shade could work nicely there. And then, you can never go wrong with pink, right? (… no matter what a husband might say, just tell him he’ll learn to appreciate it… one day… for sure… the beauty will reveal itself to him…)

So, there I was, with a lovely fuchsia color.

The fun about painting with chalk paint is that you most usually combine two colors, with the bottom color peeking slightly through the top layer.

So, for the bottom layer I chose dark brown, just the same shade as the top and sides of the chest.

I also used a brush, a fine sanding sponge block, matte varnish and wax (I used that to refinish the top and sides of the chest only).

Oh, and I used much less paint and varnish then I thought I would – about 3 1/2 oz (100 ml) brown paint (the jars in the picture are 5 oz – 150 ml), 2 3/4 oz (80 ml) pink paint and about 6 3/4 oz (200 ml) varnish (the can in the picture is 17 oz – 500 ml).

And here’s what I did…


renovating furniture with chalk paint

First I applied a layer of brown paint.


renovating furniture with chalk paint

I found out that the painting worked best for me when I applied only small amounts of paint at a time and after each addition, I kept brushing and thinning the paint until the result was milky and rather thin.

I let the first layer dry and applied a second brown layer.


renovating furniture with chalk paint

After the second brown layer was nice and dry, I applied the lovely fuchsia. I was impressed by how easy it was to work with this paint and how lovely it looked immediately.

Since I was going for a shabby look, and let considerable patches of brown color rather visible.


renovating furniture with chalk paint

After the pink layer had dried, I sanded the surface here and there for a slightly more distressed look (I especially worked on the edges and corners, but not much, just a little).

I then cleaned the surface thoroughly with a clean cloth.


renovating furniture with chalk paint

Finally, I applied a matte varnish.

To be frank, I am not really sure about this product. It had little lumps in it and after I initially freaked out, I realized that brushing thoroughly makes them kind of melt and disappear.

Next time, I might just finish with transparent wax, which, as I hear, is an alternative to a varnish.


renovating furniture with chalk paint

So, here’s our new chest…

My heart is happy! 🙂

Next up: living room – TV table, from white to rustic blue. Cannot wait. I will definitely share the project with you.

Take care.

With love,



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