New Pattern – Crochet Angel Ornaments


Oh yes.

The project ‘Christmas Ornaments Galore’ continues over here… happily… wholeheartedly… ferociously.

Ferociously, Petra?

Oh yes. At times.

I am very glad I can present a new happy result of this activity to you today – the Crochet Angel Ornaments.



Angels have always been a true love of mine.

They are so special, lovely and magical, aren’t they? I even like to feed them sometimes.

And these ones, with their colorful little dresses, are also quite playful and whimsical. I think they can make a nice addition to your Christmas tree ornament collection.



If you fancy crocheting and would like to create these little angel ornaments too, you can find the pattern here.


And may your guardian angels watch over you!!




I made this angel the other day for my boyfriend.

Just in case.

And now I’m granting him permission to protect you too.

So no worries, you are safe now.

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