Please, Love Me!


I am a Celery Root.

Please, don’t get scared.

I know some roots look much more glamorous than me.

To defend myself let me just say that it’s not easy to grow down there, in the dark soil, with no light at all, not being able to see what you are growing into.

Well, I’ve produced this look.

Once a worm visited me and uttered that I was SO beautiful.

And then they dig you out of the ground and to your sheer horror you find out…

Ugh, never mind.

Okay, so my beauty is rather unconventional.

But once you slice off my knobby skin, smooth and ivory flesh will surprise you.

Whether raw or cooked, my taste is unique and subtle.

Much more subtle than the taste of the stalks I was nourishing.

I am also a nutritional goldmine – high in vitamin C, calcium and iron, with lots and lots of beneficial fiber at your service.

Petra said she would turn me into a wonderful Tuna Sandwich.

I love that idea!

So can I get a little of your love now?

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