Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas 2017

Dear friends!

I wish you the most wonderful Holiday Season filled with happiness and cheer!

Thank you for visiting this little place!

Love you!

Petra ♡♡♡

Happy Valentine’s Day

happy valentines day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I love you!!

Petra ♡♡♡

An Explanation

Hey guys!

You may have noticed that recently this site has been a little strangely unbalanced – a little more crafts and a little less cooking and recipes.


I’d just like to let you know that I haven’t lost my mind and my cooking-obsessed self.

Not at all.

I still am that devoted foodie. And I still plan to flood this site with loads of delicious recipes for you to enjoy.


The reason why my cooking pace has slowed down lately is caused by the fact that I’ve been a little ill recently and I have been spending almost all my days trying to find the reason to my problems.

Which I haven’t found yet.


So there it is.

Thank you for your understanding.

You’re the best.


And don’t worry, I’ll still be posting. A little less, but I will.


Love you.



Photo Set (Bundt Cake)

Right now I am preparing a yummy recipe that I’ll be posting here tomorrow. Meanwhile I have something else you might want to see.
Over the past few months some of you asked me how this or that photo had been taken. Your questions gave me an idea that you might find interesting to see how several of my sets looked like. I myself love this kind of information and seek it eagerly wherever possible.

So, from now on, if I find the photo set that I’ve created interesting in a certain way I’ll show it to you.

If it helps at least one of you then my mission was worth it.


The picture above is by far not perfect or exquisite or anything. But what I find interesting about it is the lighting. You might be wondering how on earth that set was lit and whether I used artificial lights or not. And how I dare own photography lighting without letting you know.

So, this is what the set looked like.

I don’t use lights since I don’t own photography lights.

But what I own is my home-made silver reflector (you can find its heart-touching story here). And then I have one window. And then I have some white paper that I duct taped to the wall and to my kitchen countertop. And that’s it!

Very, very simple.

This is the job that my camera did.

Well, she was really trying.

I still love her dearly.

And yes, I refer to my camera as her. It’s my best friend after all. Actually, I might start calling her Amelie.

And this is how Photoshop helped.

Needless to say, I love Photoshop.

I might start calling it Fred.


See you soon!



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