Random Joy


Hi, dear friends!

I hope you are healthy, happy and having a good time.

I certainly am.


Here are a few cute things that made me smile recently and which I’d like to share with you…

… like starting a new big, big crocheting project. I craved something bigger that would take a bit longer to make. I am somewhere in the middle of the process and I’ve loved every single moment so far…

Random Joy


I hope you had a nice week, dear friends.

Mine was very enjoyable, indeed… I enjoyed the humble, almost-spring sunshine, I enjoyed seeing some cute little flowers make their first appearance above the ground, and I enjoyed a few more simple pleasures… like getting lovely flower photo props from IKEA…



Seeing these adorable earrings and making them mine immediately. Forever!



And making these mine too. They are the color of my eyes, I like it a lot.




I have finished a few spring crocheting projects.

The best time ever!



And we also went for a lovely walk today.



And look! How amazing is this shop window? Cuteness overload!

Well, these were the highlights of my colorful week.

I hope the new one will bring many colors too – that is what I wish to you and to me too…

With lots of love,

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