What a perfectly written song!

In every single way!

I can’t stop listening to it. And I mean I CAN’T!

And besides, I think I have just found a very, very, very, very lovely item for my ‘curly collection‘, if you know what I mean… 🙂

Do you like it too? And I mean both – the song and the curls?


The Language Of My Soul

My soul speaks the language of this song.

I love it so much!

I am sitting here and playing it over-and-over-and-over, ten times hasn’t been enough yet.

If I ever start learning how to play the piano (which I am SO planning to do), then this has to be the first thing.

Which song do you love this much?

I would love to know!



I want to tell you something very important.

It just needs to be said right now.


The thing is, I really like curly male singers.



It WAS important!


I love them because they are curly and that makes this world a better place.


Today I’d like to take my very imaginary hat off to all the talented curly male singers.


To lovely Michael Hutchence of INXS.


To sweet Ville Valo, the frontman of a Finnish group called HIM.


To the legendary Jim Morrison, of course… and to many, many others out there.


You rock, guys!




Petra (strongly affected by approaching Valentine’s Day, it seems)


(The pictures come from here, here, and here.)

Mega Mood Booster

To watch a mega mood booster, just click HERE.

The music!

The video!

I die.

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