New Pattern – Crochet Owl Purse With Feathers

crochet owl purse with feathers pattern

Hi friends!

I am stopping by to introduce my newest crochet creation to you – it’s the Crochet Owl Purse With Feathers.

Oh, how much I love making those feathers, they are soooo much fun!

This pattern actually is a remake of one of my older patterns – the Crochet Owl Cushion. After I published the cushion pattern a few years ago, I received quite a few questions asking me if the cushion could be turned into a purse. I thought,’Yes, it can and what a lovely idea it is!’ Actually, I found the idea so lovely that I thought it definitely deserved its own tutorial with all the steps described in precise detail.

And here it is. The pattern for the Crochet Owl Purse has more than 70 pictures making it really easy to follow.

If you’d like to learn more details about the project, you can find them HERE or HERE.

And have I already mentioned it’s a lot of fun? 🙂


crochet owl purse with feathers pattern

crochet owl purse with feathers pattern

crochet owl purse with feathers pattern

crochet owl purse with feathers pattern

Yes, I could not stop and made three versions. Don’t they make sweet summer bags?

Happy crocheting!



5 thoughts on “New Pattern – Crochet Owl Purse With Feathers

  1. 1
    Natalie says:

    This would be a very wise Summer bag! It is much fun and colorful…and a nice size!

  2. 2

    Hi there!

    I’ve made two of your little owl pillow cushions and everyone loves them! I love the purse. Will have to make it for my granddaughter. Took me awhile to get the hang of the feathers, but yes, they are fun to do! Love the purple owl! I believe I have a picture of my two pillows on my pinterest site, too.

  3. 3
    Anna says:

    I have tried to print several patterns I had found but there is no way I can find to say print pattern, THis just keeps taking me to other sights. Which is frustrating. Can someone help me like I want the Owl Purse pattern about and don’t know how to get the pattern.

  4. 4
    Brigit Schroeder says:

    The purse came out great! Very enjoyable pattern and fast to make. Starting a second one today. So fun!

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